young justice

Bet yall didn’t know that there is going to be a season 4 of young justice sooo hype how season 3 ended but saded at the same time hope season 4 gets here sooner than later

Figured there was going to be, I was worried it’d be on the Warner service though.

Pretty sure everyone know about Season 4 like weeks ago…

They need to pick the pace up a little bit tho.

This season seemed a bit slower and less coherent than other seasons.

Still very glad we had a season 3 tho.

We knew about the fourth season when it was announced at San Diego Comic Con last month

I am 100% hyped already and I haven’t even seen the finale yet! I just love torturing myself by saving the episodes for the Watchalong.

But I just can’t wait to see more of these awesome characters. <3