Young Justice

I screamed when Darkseid and Kalibak showed up.

I was pleasantly surprised to see Orphan.


Yeah. Cyborg was teased, that Nabu reveal. Jon Kent is baby and so is Damian. Holy S···! The SuperSons are coming.


Oh yeah, I was surprised to see Jon too! He’s a baby and so is Damian so I hope they’re setting the stage for Super Sons in the next season or so.

I liked the acknowledgment to Miguel Ferrer at the end of episode seven too.


So Central City is Saint Louis?

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Orphan, Shade, Granny Goodness, Mist, Lois with Jonathan, Mera with Aquababy, Ocean Master, Darkseid, Lady Shiva, Ultra Humanite, Cassandra “Scandal” Savage, Fire name drop, Red Tornado as John Smith, Livewire, Jervis Tetch, Clayface, Spoiler, Arrowette, return of Lobo, Cheshire, Klarion, Bumblebee, not to mention Steve Lombard sports cast mentioning Victor Stone as a top football prospect at “Hank Heywood” high school. Rimbor, War World, Kalibak, Desaad, Apokolips, The Anti-Life equation. So much more, making it my favorite 3 episode run yet this season.


All the Batkids that are flooding my screen make me so happy and excited for more episodes. There were so many baby supers and the meta parent club is something I want to see more of. Miguel Ferrer’s loving memory really touched my heart. It reminds us all of how long this journey has been and show how many lives it has touched.


I’m glad we finally got to see Tim Drake, Arrowette, Spoiler, and Orphan in action this season. Young Justice just keeps getting better and better!


I’m loving the series restart. Great to see such diversity in characters they are bringing in, but I have a question. Does anyone other than me find the music used at the end credits of each episode a bit creepy and strange?