Young Justice

Is it me or is Young Justice much funnier in S3

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I found the 4th episode to be really funny, other than that I thought it was quite serious.

There’s been humours moments but I wouldn’t say hilarious and not more than the first two seasons

Season one was the most funny due to Wally flirting a lot

I think episode was such a stand-out episode, with so much humor that, so far, it’s kinda giving the more serious, shocking, and/or action-packed scenes a run for their money.
I think because I wasn’t expecting that much humor, it surprised me and had my attention for awhile. Then I kept wanting more and remembered the funny moments that came after a lot more than I usually did, before episode 4. lol
Though, it still never quite overshadowed the Zatanna/Zatara bits. Had me entirely in the feels.

You can always count on Wally to throw in a flirt or two. haha


It’s going to be great b/c directors said this season was going to be more adult oriented. The mixture of humor with what’s to come is only one tiny example of what makes this show so creative & addictive. Trust me when I say when the New Gods & even more so Apokolips springs into action it’s gonna get serious. There’s nothing funny about Kirby’s 4th world, it’s all business and business is a’ boomin’.

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@Djd, “business is a boomin’”. I see what you did there. Boom Tubes and so on. As Seamus McFly said “That was good.”

I liked the fifth episode the best. Love the Fourth World characters.


Vroom. Haha it’s also what Brad Pitts character says in Inglorious Basterds. He says killing nazis is our business & buddy, business is a’ boomin. That’s not verbatim but close enough. Might be a non sexual triple entendre I pulled off if such a thing could exist, the non sexual part I mean.

Also @Vroom I did a literal lol when I read Seamus Mcfly quote. I could hear voice in my head.

@djd, oh I got the Inglorious Bastards context too :slight_smile:

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