Young Justice

Just finishing up season 2 and I really enjoyed it. What other animated series is comparable?

Batman Animated Series, Justice League Unlimited, Batman Beyond, Superman Animated Series

All of these are great, but would say that Batman Animated series and Justice League Unlimited are the best.

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Will checj them out. Thanks

There is nothing comparable it’s hands down the best animated (possibly any) tv series ever imho.


I agree with MagicNinja, as great as some of these suggestions are nothing compared to YJ. Batman the animated series is the closest, but still a very different. Special shout-out to season 5 of “The Batman” or as I call it “Batman meets the Justice League”

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Dude season 5 of the Batman was godly

Yeah YJ is best in terms of season story telling. BaS has the best individual episodes and tone.