Young Justice; what is going on?

the problems I am having with this season;

To much melodrama and exposition. And what about Darkseid. I don’t really care about Violets struggjes. And, hate to say it, same sex stuff is fine but far too upfront.


If Young Justice is disappointing you, don’t watch it anymore. I, for example, haven’t watched the third season, and likely never will, because I was disappointed by the fire two seasons. Just ignore it and let the people who do enjoy it do so without us. I doubt they’ll even notice.

DC and Warner Brothers are making a sociopolitical statement. It’s getting annoying.

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And just what sociopolitical statement might that be?

Acknowledging LGBT people exist isn’t a statement

But yeah, just don’t watch it if you aren’t liking it. That’s why I’m not currently up to date with Titans.

Yeah, I don’t see how any of the LGBT issues/relationships are any more upfront than Connor and Megan’s relationship in the first two seasons.


I don’t recall Connor or Megan getting gentle pats on the back for finding themselves and/or each other. Instead, there were quiet murmurs amongst the team, until everybody yelled they revealed their relationship and everybody yelled, “Finally!” I’m sure Connor and Megan were a bit embarrassed and ashamed for thinking they had a private secret. Contrast this behind-the-back behavior to Violet… she made it acceptable to lie and cheat to her boyfriend.

Personally, I found it way more interesting that Violet was an intelligent zombie who could not only heal herself, but others. The massive impact she could have had at a children’s hospital was a missed opportunity for Gar’s PR movement. I mean, she basically has the same powers as Jesus – did nobody notice this?

What is wrong with a gentle pat??? It can be an incredibly difficult thing to accept who you are sexually or identify yourself as your proper gender. Society is so rude and oppressive on people like that. Look at Sam Smith just recently. Connor and Megan’s relationship is a full on plot line in the first two seasons. It’s as upfront as it possibly can be. It defines their characters a lot of the time. And everybody yelling, “Finally!” is a representation of how the audience feels.