Young Justice Theories and Predictions

Tara Markov is Terra. I just realized that after the last episode that came out when the rock was put on top of that guy and saw the shadow.

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Yes & she is Geo-Forces half sister in the Outsiders comics.

Sorry bro, I disagree with a lot of these theories. I don;t think the VR goggles are evil, I think they are there to bring the YJ world to life and to make it age with modern times. It’s the same as putting smartphones into other Tv shows. It shows us the tecnology of the time that we can compare to our own.

For the League of Shadows I don’t think the answer will lie so close to Ra’s and I seriously doubt it’s Batman or Aquaman. It could be someone from Darkside’s possy but I think it’s more likely for them to bring a more fan-service villian, maybe Brainiac or something.

Professor Zoom…no. If they were going to use a Flash villain that could in someway possible drag KF back into the story, I think they would use one with a more appropriate skill set. Professor Zoom is a good villian but is too fast for Wally to actually catch, and I son’t like the look of the odds of the team being able to take him down. Plus, Zoom is pretty closed minded in his goals, he’s dead set on the Flash. Maybe a villian with a wider goal set, like Grodd (that would be awesome).

Personally, I think Halo being some sort of new God is plausable, but I like the idea of her being a human connected to a Mother Box better. All her abilites are very similiar to those that come from a Mother Box plus she has the communication, but I think for her background in Markovia, her just being a human with a conection works better fo rthe story. It would give her a sort of Vandal Savage deal.

And I think we can all safly say that the guy in ep 6 was Jason Todd. No ones gonna finght you on that.

Can we all just take a moment of silence in memory of Lobo’s pinky :pray::frowning:

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I keep waiting for a Wally West reveal (some stray lightning, maybe his voice sounding distant and echo-y) during the end card scenes.