Young Justice Theories and Predictions

Alright, so we’re six episodes in, I think we can start making wild guesses. Here are mine.
-The VR goggles are evil. They wouldn’t be shoehorning them in so often otherwise. I’m guessing they’re built on Apokolips and being used to scan for metahumans who can then be yoinked by the Light. They may also have some kind of mind control functionality.

-Ra’s’ masky minion is Jason Todd.

-If the League of Shadows’ new leader is not Ra’s or Talia, then it’s possibly Nyssa. Alternatively, we haven’t heard from Batman in a while, so maybe he went evil. Alternatively alternatively, it’s being run by one of Darkseid’s people. Kanto, perhaps? Assassination is usually his bag, right? Alternatively alternatively alternatively (and significantly less plausibly than the previous three theories), we still don’t know what happened to the original Aquaman, so maybe he decided to go into the assassin business.

-The disappearance of the supertrunks is part of an evil scheme by Professor Zoom to destroy the universe.

-I did a bit of research, but I’m not sure which New God Halo is, if she’s any of the ones we already have rather than just a new character. I didn’t look too closely at Apokoliptans, so she may turn out to be one of them. I suppose we don’t know for certain that she IS a New God, but she certainly knows a lot about them, claims not to be the same person as pre-death Gabrielle, and has an “old soul,” so that’s the simplest logical interpretation.

For now, I think that’s all I’ve got. Anybody else got anything?


I dont think that halo is anything other than a meta. All we really know is that she is an old soul in a new body Via Dr. Fate(This can also just be a metaphore for her memory loss). Not to say that its not out of the question entirely to be a new god, but the vibe from those flashbacks is that shes maybe a reincarnation of a hero or maybe from Themyscira. No clue on who runs the shadows thats still up in the air for me.

My guess who runs the shadows is Deathstroke but I could be off


The VR goggles are definitely being used for nefarious purposes.

The red hooded ninja is Jason Todd.

Too soon to call about Halo.

The baby being held by Talia is Damian ( i hope ).

Deathstroke is leading the League of Assassins.

Darkseid is at the head of everything!!!


-There is definitely something up with those goggles. Probably related to The Meta Gene and/or mind control
-Red Hooded Ninja is Jason Todd
-The baby Talia is holding is Damian Wayne
-I think Jade or Deathstroke is in charge of The League of Shadows (Ra’s just told Artemis to get out when she asked if it was her sister. Granted he could have just been irritated, but he’s not a liar and he didn’t answer the question). I suppose it could be Nyssa
-The metahuman black spider was talking to was Terra/Tara Markov

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-The new lead of the shadows is cheshire or deathstroke possibly both of them together. This is since we have not seen cheshire with Roy(now will) Harper taking care of her daughter.
-Also I am not sure about that Damien thing, I mean I would love to see Damien. He is my favorite robin , however with that said it does not make much sense in terms of setting up a story with conflict. I mean we haven’t seen anything from Batman or his incorporated team since episode 1. Even then it wasn’t like Batman was ever the main focus of Young Justice, I mean in season 1 he would always say that the team had to solve their own problems… So having an arc where Batman is trying to get his son wouldn’t make much sense unless the show is planned to go for a season 5 or 6 where all the characters we know are really old and Damien is now a teen. The only other thing I could possibly think of for that baby is that it may be Jason’s baby or someone else’s. If we come to find out it actually is Damien then I am fine with that and would love to see him. I just don’t think it makes much sense in terms of storyline I figured if anything he would be like 6 or something by now.
-Just thought of something else if it Actually is Damien it may be a way to get Dick to run an even bigger team than he is right now giving him back a bigger leadership role by having Batman stop being Batman to take care of Damien if they get Damien in their hands.


@imBlackman13 , good points all around :+1:t2:. You may be right about Cheshire heading the LoA but i do hope Deathstroke is involved due to the fact that… I LOVE DEATHSTROKE!!!

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Halo is an original member of the Outsiders. Along with Katana, Black Lightning, Geo-Force, Metamorpho, & Batman plus I’m sure I’m missing a few. You’re right on YJ possibly going any direction as far as changes. So far, the New Gods are who they’ve always been as well as the Outsiders. Apokolips is right around the corner. The league is where I’m waiting to see where they go. I want to see what Cheshires been up to?, along with seeing as much as Talia, Ra’s, & Sensei etc as possible. YJ is crushing it again on all fronts. This season has the potential to top all, with the realms involved. Tough to lose with New Genesis, Apokolips, League of Shadows, Outsiders etc.

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We’re headed towards a Final Crisis type situation with Darkseid using the VR headsets to enslave humanity withe the anti life equation.


The Red Hooded Ninja is definitely Jason Todd while the baby is obviously Damian Wayne. Halo in the original comics was a human sociopath who was possessed by a light based extraterrestrial when she died.



Exactly, Darkseid coming & Metron should be floating in on Mobius chair anytime now. Can’t wait. I hope we see the Source Wall like the peek we got in JLU & Superman/Batman.


Exactly. I believe it was the Aurakle, don’t crucify me on spelling I believe that’s correct…? She went to work in blackest night in the Violet spectrum.

Damian Wayne, and I really hope it doesn’t happen but wolf might die because he’s been sleeping a lot and doesn’t look to be feeling good he didn’t even try to stop the kids from leaving


Since the first letter of every title episode spells out “prepare the anti-life equation”, we’re just scratching the surface of Darkseid’s ultimate plan in which last season’s Lex Luthor drink and now these googles plays a major role in preparation for the anti-life equation. In fact, since season one, mind control been the central theme happening throughout. I think the whole meta-human trafficking is a phantom menace while the ulterior motive is being conducted right under their noses.


Princess Tara
Is TERRA of teen titans ! Fight me, because you will lose


Princess Tara is Terra. It fits perfectly because of Terra(from teen Titian’s) powers match her family’s meta gene. Jade is back in the league of shadows now be run by Deathstroke. The VR goggles are retrofitted reach technology designed to locate humans with the meta gene. Only possible because as far as we know the reach’s head scientist was on the war planet with savage.



There’s also the fact that the guy being chased by Black Spider had a boulder dropped on his head/body. That’s exactly what her powers are, manipulation of the Earth (Terra).


I posted a separate thread on Halo, but I agree with other fans that the sentient soul/mind of the destroyed Mother Box that Superboy found in Episode 2 transferred itself and its abilities into Halo. The comic-version of Halo has a human / alien combination origin as well.


I literally just finished commenting on your thread you’re speaking of

I was thinking the same about Wolf as far as sleeping a lot, but not that he was dying. Remember from past YJ episodes he only sleeps if he’s comfortable with the people around him & trusts them. Like when Tornado caught Zatanna, Superboy etc. snooping around his room in the YJ HQ, Wolf was supposed to bark to warn them if anyone was coming. He slept right thru it & Tornado caught em. Then the episode when Wolf doesn’t alert the team to the danger present during Roy’s attack, b/c he’s used to Roy being there from b4 he went solo. I think he just trusts the newcomers cuz he senses their good, which they are in the comics at least. Forager betrays his own people (bugs) to help the New Gods & humans in New Gods. Halos as innocent as they come in Batman & the Outsiders.