Young justice season three thoughts

I was pleasantly surprised with season three. While I found a lot of the interpersonal stuff pretty cringeworthy, the story arch was really good.


The fourth world stuff was pretty darn good. Granny operating an avatar? Awesome. I wish they’d said avatar, it would’ve enhanced the godliness aspect of the new gods. They’ve always done a good job making fourth world tech look weird and otherworldly, and the avatar engine and the nth metal device are no exceptions.

Metron’s first appearance was a highlight of the season. It’s ridiculous that any mortal could pull him off the Mobius Chair, or that Black Lightning could restrain him, or that he’d let BL live after humiliating him, but his initial reaction was pretty great. “You DARE mortal?” Metron’s the only New God who acts like a god.

Another highlight was Hawk Woman’s accent. I hope we’ll see more of her in the future.

Untrustworthy Batman was good too. I don’t trust him, and I think he’s pretty much insane.


While I loved the 4th world stuff, most new gods come off as too worldly and under powered. Some of this is the limitations of the animation style, but I’d have liked to see more of a visual change when the granny avatar stopped pretending she was human, for example. And, when Darkseid turns his gaze on you, you should flinch. When Metron or a forever person shows up, it should be very apparent they’re superior beings. All new gods are arrogant and refer to people as “weaklings,” even if they’re “good” new gods. I’d have liked to see more of that.

In a related point, I was disappointed with the Furies. No Mad Harriet or Bernadeth? I know it’s unreasonable to think the Furies could beat th JL, but they’re warrior gods. Hawk Woman should have no shot against Lashina. I would’ve liked to see the Furies roll over a JL team, like Lobo does with “the team.”

Otherwise, I’m excited for the next season, hopefully we’ll see more fourth world actors.

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I would like a preview scene voice actors announcements anything