Young Justice Season 5.... OR...?

So we’re getting season 4 of Young Justice, but would you rather see a new season of Teen Titans, or maybe new seasons of the original Batman or Superman animated series, or maybe Batman Beyond, Static Shock or Justice League? What series would you like to see continue aside from Young Justice? I personally would love more Batman the animated series! Even if it were just more movies like Mask of the Phantasm, Subzero, Mystery of the Batwoman, etc…


If only able to choose one, I’d rather see Season 5 of Young Justice. Heck, I’d love to see YJ spinoffs too!

But if given a second option, I’d go with Green Lantern: The Animated Series. Underrated, and deserves another season.


Kevin Conroy once said that Batman: The Animated Series was never really canceled. They just decided to get out while they were on top. They already did everything they set out to do. Any more and the quality would start diving.


Nah I love Young Justice too much I wouldn’t know alot of characters if not for the show or rediscovered my love for Superheroes.

But I would love to see another season of Static Shock, Green Lantern or Beware The Batman

No to additional seasons of the older DCAU shows. What’s done is done.

An enormously emphatic, wall shaking “YES!” to more of Green Lantern: The Animated Series.

That show got the shaft from Cartoon Network and has far, FAR more untapped potential on where it could go than unnecessary revivals of older shows.

I’d also be game for a Superman series set in the Young Justice universe.


I need an animated Legion of Superheroes series.

In their own time.

No Batman.

Batman doesn’t even come visiting.

A DC animated series without Batman and Ninjas and Ninja Turtles.

I can already hear the executives saying: But maybe if we added Batman Beyond to boost the viewers?


No Batman, no future batman, no Batman ghost of Future Christmas.

Just Legion of Superheroes.


@Coville Have you seen the LOSH series that’s available here?

Batman makes 0 appearances in it, so you should be happy.

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I even own that series.

I love it.

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I prefer something new. Im sick of reboots.

So keep YJ going or give me something new.


Young justice all day and new shows.

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Either Teen Titans or the OG Justice league

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If we’re limited to resuscitating old series, it would have to be something quasi-recent that was canceled before its time. That makes me want to say GL:TAS even though I never actually watched the whole thing.

But frankly, I’d rather see them put together a really good creative team for something new and exciting. The DCAU will always be awesome, but I’d rather they come up with something new that’s as good as the DCAU than bring the original back.

I want a plastic man show or a vixen show. Either of that is fine by me

I would love a Nightwing animated series with his rouge gallery based in bludhaven


I really like to see a JSA series. Do one of the modern takes on it or the WWII time setting. Either would be fine with me.

I’ve always found the JSA much more interesting than JLA. The JSA has that “ok we have these powers and we have a responsibility to use them for the public good.” Without all the political posturing (nearly god complex) that befell the JL/JLU series.

It’s “we’re here to help” as opposed to “we know better”. Hmmmmm, I wonder how much of that is because the JSA (usually) doesn’t have Batman & Superman.