Young Justice: Season 4 Prediction

Everybody’s looking forward to a climactic showdown between The League, The Team, and the forces of Apokolips. But once you beat Darkseid, where do you go from there?

I’d argue that based on where we are now from a narrative standpoint, it’s too soon for a face off with the DCU’s big bad. Something big’s got to happen first. Our heroes have to go through a journey. They need to understand just how evil, how powerful, how unstoppable a threat Darkseid can be.

Every season after the first has been loosely based on a major comic book storyline. “Invasion” was based on Invasion. “Outsiders” is basted on Batman and the Outsiders. So which comic can we look to as the basis for Season 4?

It’s been pointed out by viewers more astute than I that when you take the first letters of every episode this season, it spells out a phrase… “PREPARE THE ANTI-LIFE EQUATION.”

We’ve already begun to see how Apokolips plans to infiltrate Earth’s population, through the use of the VR headset “Goode Goggles.”

In what story do we see Apokolips take over the world through mind controlling helmets? One where only a small group of rebels stand against an utterly triumphant Darkseid?

My prediction: Season 4 of Young Justice will be Weisman and Vietti’s adaptation of Final Crisis.

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yes please make a young season 4 even a J.S.A. tv show that deals with the J.S.A. and heroes of that time line so yes to a young justice season 4 and 5. !

Your thoughts about what Young Justice Season 4 might be like would certainly follow along the lines of how the events that unfolded in Season One ultimately set the stage for the events of Season Two. They did resolve a number of issues in that first season but left a major plot point dangling, which didn’t get resolved until the second season.

I’m pretty sure they aren’t rolling out Darkseid just to be “one and done.” For now, he still appears to be lurking in the background, but I figure he’ll take more prominence in Season Four – and what will be interesting to see is how that impacts not just the League, the Team, the Outsiders and other heroes, but how it impacts Vandal Savage (whose character got fleshed out more this season, particularly how he came to know of Darkseid).

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Do you think Wally will come back at the last second from the speed force? Was that a masked Jason Todd who said “Grayson” in S3? I was surprised to see Ras’ Father: Sensei.

I think Wally will come back eventually, but maybe not this season. Especially if my Final Crisis theory pans out — that’s when Barry came back, after all. It’ll just be Wally instead.

That was definitely Jason, and we’ll see where that goes.

Season 2 was based on Invasion! This season is based on Outsiders. If I had to guess a title for the next season, it would be…

Young Justice: Resist

I see where you are going, but I don’t think Final Crisis is all that good of a series.

Part of what makes Young Justice great is how it takes flawed storylines and elevates them. I think Weisman and Vietti can make something really special out of Final Crisis.

I actually find it kind of worrying that season 4 hasn’t been announced yet. We know the 2nd half of season 3 coming out, but I’m wondering if it will end with a cliffhanger or if it’ll tie up loose ends. I read about the episode titles spelling out that phrase and figured it was foreshadowing for the end of season 3. Animation production does take a long time, and they just finished season 3, so I’m hoping maybe soon we’ll find out if season 4 is going to be a thing or not.