Young Justice Season 4, please??

Season 3 will end soon. I am sad to see one of the best tv shows going, again. Honestly a season 4 should be added.

There is a lot they could do and I was wondering what we would like to see next. The next big season grabber.

I know it’s not the end yet but it’s good to see what could be possible for the future… what plots could happen.


It was confirmed that there will be a Season 4 a couple of weeks ago at SDCC.

The HYPE TRAIN just keeps on rolling. :+1:


Um it was already confirmed at comic con that a S4 will take place

Um it was already confirmed at comic con that a S4 will take place

Perhaps season 4 could be a little less convoluted and a little more character driven. I love the whole wide DCU, and getting to see some of the characters I haven’t seen in a while. But the title is Young Justice; not DC Universe or Justice League Unlimited. As others have mentioned it would be nice to focus on the actual Young Justice characters and maybe revisit some of the character driven plot points, like why did Cheshire ultimately abandon her bough and daughter, how did the Harpers start their security firm and maybe a few more of their “out of uniform” exploits, and when/why did Megan transition from red-headed and green-complected to bald and white-complected. Not a criticism just a preference. Nevertheless, I would take Young Justice anyway it pans out.

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