Young Justice Season 3

Ahhh!!! This show is just so…so…CRASH! The LGBTQ+ couples and moments is beyond perfect. Having a lead in Homosexual relationship, making him Bi, and having a non-binary character!!! Eeeeeyaaaahhhhh!!! Season 3 of Young Justice is just so CRASH! I’ve never seen such progression in a show! I see why this can’t air on TV (which is super stupid). Comic companies have always been more lax on sensitive subjects but this, truly takes the cake. DC has done well for themselves and this is why they’re my favorite​:heartpulse:


yea there’s only 1 LGBTQ couple in this season and it Kaldur and his boyfriend and he was surposed to be gay from season 1 but Cartoon Network didn’t allow it

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There was technically Brion and Violet (Geo-Force & Halo) because Violet would be non-binary making Geo-force (by definition) Pansexual. But it’s still just so amazing seeing this without being slapped in the face with it. I’m behind it 100%


I like what the show did too

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Young Justice was just always kinda meh for me. I thought it was a bit try hard at times to be a better show than previous DC ones. I can see why people like it though.

Too bad this is the worst season so far! :face_vomiting:


I’d watch more television shows if they weren’t so over the top about it.

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am i really the only one here who’s surprised that they haven’t put young justice back on Netflix for the international audiance because that’s wat they’ve done with Titans

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I really liked how it ended! It provided plenty of closure while opening new questions and reopening some old ones too!

I began watching season 3 last Monday. I love it!