Young Justice season 3

Young Justice season 3 is sooo good on the @TheDCUniverse streaming app. They have a lot of new characters and characters that I have been waiting to see on this show. And the action, animation is amazing. Season 3 of the show is also surprising more mature than the other seasons

I agree! And they’re able to weave in and out of different stories without it feeling too disorganized. Everything still flows so well.

Especially Fred Bugg (with two G’s)

Sometimes I want to have name tags on a few of the characters. Like when all of the moms (and dad), were showing up to the party. I could barely tell the difference between most of them.

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I’m happy that they made Bane a total badass without the Venom.

Got DCU specifically for YJ:3 and totally blown away. The stories and artwork are top notch! I admit I was a little disappointed I didn’t get 3 new episodes today but hope they come out soon.

Also hope they come out with a worthy video game for the series. Maybe something like Marvel Ultimate Alliance.

I don’t have much of a problem with the new season, except for certain additions that, had I had a say in it, would not have happened. Namely:

-Stephanie Brown would’ve had a spoiler costume more akin to her first appearance, or what she wore just before becoming Batgirl. My problem is mostly her facemask, reminding me of Batman Eternal, where the mask was a reminder that she was devolved into an incompetent snot operating on Daddy Issues to the detriment of Gotham City. Adding it to the show validates an antithetical element to the character.

-Harper Row would not have shown up at all. I get it, she’s “alternative”, and the most likely to be an outcast that Violet and Forager could relate with, but I can’t help but see her as the forced messianic figure Tynion plastered over 78 issues of stories no one asked for. But I suppose if anyone can make such a repugnant character even mildly palatable with a clean slate, it’s Weisman and crew. God knows DC never knew what they were doing with her (oh, but let’s KEEP the canon where everyone’s begging to kiss her feet as either their origin or their history, smart call…morons).

-I love me some Cassandra Cain, but she would not have been “Orphan”. If “Batgirl” isn’t an option or “Black Bat” is off the table, come up with a new identity. The costume is a good deviation from the comics, but the identity is inexorably tied to a murderer that didn’t care about her because bad writing and dumb retconning dictated it so. Again, not something that should be validated with inclusion in other media. Depending on why Weisman’s version took the name, it might actually be tolerable, still not something I would have advised. I think it’s great that they can weave together DC’s history so well together (and yet the people actually working at the publisher can barely seem make heads or tails of it), but some things just do not warrant inclusion.

YJ3 ep. Why is 13 and 14 still locked? I thought they were releasing 3 eps a week.

@EZ_Company They’re holding the second half of the season until summer.