I’m so excited that there is finally finally a third season of Young Justice!!! Does anyone have any ideas or hopes in mind for season 3?

Mine is that wally isn’t actually dead; maybe he was just taken by the speed force?


My hope is that it will be bad@$$! By far my most anticipated DCU show.

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Yes! It’s my favite TV show. Definitely one of DCU’s Best animated TV show!

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Yes! Love the hash tag

I have no doubt it’s gonna be greatness.

Started rewatching the first 2 seasons, forgot how awesome the show truely is. Can’t wait!

Read some early reviews that I liked, ready to binge three episodes tomorrow

So I’ve never watched this show but I just finished Episode 3 of Season 1. I’m so excited right now cause I’m really loving this and now that I know there’s a Season 3 really close to arrival I’m just really overjoyed.

I love the fact that this show unlike Teen Titans (not dissing Teen Titans I know people love that show a lot) it feels a bit more in line with what I want from the DCAU. Aqualad and Superboy are my two favorites, which shocks me cause I am the farthest thing from a Superman fan or even a Aquaman fan. I can’t wait to experience all the stories everyone else has had access to since 2010, and I’m equally pumped to join all of you in Season 3!