Young Justice season 3 split in half

So what’s the deal with only releasing half of YJ Outsiders in January and then releasing the other half in June? Doesn’t make any sense

Mid season breaks is a thing and they’ll probably be showing Doom Patrol or Swamp Thing in between

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Personally I find that type of set up really annoying to be honest. I’d much rather have a “full” season this this “half” season nonsense a lot of show seem to be doing.

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True but I’m used to it by now and if they have other shows in between like I think, it’ll be fine


I agree with TX85.


Yeah the mid season finale game is annoying especially so on a streaming service…

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At least its not as bad as some shows. I remember Gothams 3rd or 4th season took a midseason break, came back a month later for like two weeks and than went away again for several more weeks.


@TX85: It’s still annoying though and in all honesty it’s only going to make the show feel to short to me not to mention I sometimes also feel like a shorter season makes shows feel rushed on top of that. I think this will be one of the shows I’ll wait on until all the episodes drop otherwise I probably won’t enjoy it as much.

Alright, that’s a good option too. Up to you

It’s because they have to finish animating the second half still. I guess they could just release the entire season in June instead of giving us half in January. Personally, I’ll take half in January rather than none.


@nu52 same. YJs3 starts on the 4th, while Titans will still be ongoing for at least another three weeks. So now we’ll have two DC Universe originals to watch and than we can easily segue-way into Doom Patrol.

@truth_of_pieces, the last episode of Titans drops on 12/21 two weeks before the first episode of Young Justice…