Young Justice (season 3) Questions.

I have very limited time and 2 huge seasons of YJ would take a very loop long time for me to catch up for season 3.

My question is do I need to watch season 1 -2 to understand the main plot ark of season 3 or could I jump in at season 3 would even be willing to watch important episodes of 1-2 or just season 2.

What do you guys think?

Thanks in advance - Blue

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Not really the beginning of season 3 gives you a decent idea of what happened in previous seasons

I would say yes. YJ has a well developed and involved world as well as the individual character arcs. Don’t worry about trying to be current and just start from the beginning and enjoy yourself would be my suggestion

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I would watch it I mean if explains a bit but you’ll be hella confused about alot of plot points character developments relationships and other problems within the show. Just take your time to watch the entire series maybe even read in the tie in comics too if you have the time

You don’t have to but I would. If u absolutely don’t have the time, then for this season I’d at least watch season 2 or even the 2nd half of season 2. Judging from the 1st three episodes, reading Batman & the Outsiders would be a perfect segue into this season. It is possible to watch it as a stand alone, but it’s such a good show you’d be doing yourself a favor if u watched the 1st two seasons b4. You could even watch YJ3 & go back & watch 1&2. It’s constructed so well u could watch it backwards & fill in the blanks.