Young Justice Season 3 “Outsiders”

Just finished Season 3 and…It was trash. Why? Why? Why were Forager Halo and Geo-Force even created? Who do DC even think would like these characters? Why were they the main focus for the entire show? I’m just at a loss for words.

Because I think everyone deserves a chance to vent, I’ll bite.

Without hearing from the creators, we can only guess, but I wonder if attracting new fans had something to do with it? One of the most common complaints I hear from newcomers (and those who only have a toe in the water of comic fandom) is that the MASSIVE lore behind the longstanding characters makes it confusing to jump on board. Perhaps the writers were hoping to touch base with new fans, and surprise some older ones, by trying out these fresh faces. Violet, at least, was definitely attempting to bring in some dialogue about diversity (not sure how I felt about how it was always handled, but hey, baby steps, and I think the writers were coming from a good place rather than a checklist.)

And while none of the newcomers became new favs, I didn’t mind them specifically. If anything, I was bugged by the cast-bloat overall. I read in a few places that the creators weren’t sure if they were going to get a season 4, so they were tried to fit in more material while they could, but eh. If limited on time and content, I think the better route is to “kill your darlings” than to crock pot the lot.

All that said, I’m still very happy they made they the season and am psyched for the next. Becaause even if I didn’t like it as much as seasons 1 & 2, it’s still got loads of heart and potential, and I’m sure S3 was a huge learning experience, what with this being a new platform and all.

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You’re talking about characters who have been around since the early 80s (or in the case of Forager, the early 70s). A little late to be griping about their existence. Jack Kirby isn’t around to hear your complaints about Forager, and I’m sure Mike Barr can live with your disapproval of Halo and Geo-Force.

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