young justice season 3 impressions

After 15 episodes I think it’s safe to give an impression of the third season. Let me first say that season one was a solid 8. Season 2 was a 9.

However, season 3 has been lackluster and I feel it’s too late to make any significant improvement. I will start off with the good.

  • It’s finally back!

  • Maturing recurring characters and relationships

Frankly…that’s it. Now the negative…

  • the animation quality, notably during action sequences, has not been up to par. This was widely talked about much in the early part of the season.

  • It the plot has moved at a snail’s pace. It feels like we could still be on episode 3 for the amount of progress that’s been made for the antagonists.

  • The new characters lack depth or endearment. Let’s go through the list. Terra? She’s said maybe 5 sentences. When she isn’t speaking, which is almost always, she has a mostly expressionless face. By the time she does betray the others, I wont care what they do with her character. Let’s pretend, she breaks the status quo of “terra” and does something totally different…I still wont care because its gonna be to little, too late. At least the teen titans show did her character better…so did the animated movie.

Forager- a likeable and endearing character…at first. However, non existant back story, character growth, and a lack of diverse emotions make him a “one trick pony”.

Violet - a unique character…but I feel that more could be done with the character’s personality.

Brion- I think they’ve done the best job with him. He’s developing a sense of purpose.

Cyborg- nice to see him in the show…but really nothing new to his character, nor any added depth. A lack of screen time doesn’t help.

  • Forcing the idea of Artemis x Roy. I get it… they live under the same roof, both are single, they compliment each other’s lives…but that doesn’t necessarily make a relationship, nor for a good one for that matter.

As it stands right now, this season is a 6.5.


They really can’t develop their new characters like they did in S1 bc there just so many things to develop. Also the animation isn’t the best right now but after all the support for S3 I hope the animation gets better I’m S4

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Totally agree. The voice acting also hasn’t been that great. There are so many characters that need more development but they can’t get it because there are so many characters. I really think no more characters need to be added. Overall, I think the season has been super slow. Nothing really seems to be amounting to anything.

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I’m not a fan. I feel this show has the cw affect. Start off great but gets worse every season. The voice acting and dialogue is far south of what jl and jlu is. The story feels all over the place, though I hate to use this as a crutch, I do feel it’s because of thee amount of characters that need to be handled. The action is sub-par and beast boy is in the top 3 worst people, in that group to lead the outsiders. I also think the writers are trying to make the show what “social media” wants it to be, if that makes sense.


I think we’re about to pick up the pace here with the show. The Outsiders are just starting to form, so character development is going to be more focussed on those characters. You’re right about the animation quality dipping, but my guess is that is a result of the time crunch. I also think that the show flows quite well even though they have to deal with trying to develop like 30 different characters and have 8 different storylines going at a time. The writers make it work. If anything, I commend them for their ambition. There’s a lot of set up in this season, and I have high expectations that they are going to pull of a great finale here at the end. The final two episodes of Season 2 were some of the best payoffs in any tv show ever, so it isn’t unreasonable to expect big things for the end of Season 3. It should be noted though that I’m a world-class optimist, so you can take my opinions with a grain of salt :slight_smile:


I was not really excited about Beast Boy’s “mini-activist for metahuman rights” role. It just felt out of place and doesn’t seem to work for him.

And then he just keeps on talking and talking trying to convince everyone on his thoughts. :joy: he doesn’t seem like leadership material


And honestly, I think we have too high of expectations for a 22-25 min episodes. Not a lot of room for anything. I felt that maybe they should have made the episodes a few mins longer

I’m really not a fan of what’s been going on with Beast Boy lately. It rings false. It seems like he’s really just trying to get back at Granny more than anything. This social media speech thing is getting annoying, too. I can’t tell you how many times I rolled my eyes last episode.

The concept of the Outsiders is really good but the execution was terrible. From the “it’s like a revolution” to having every member of the team hang a lantern on what social box they tick, it sounded more like someone who did a few minutes of research on social media and inserted it to be relevant.


It makes perfect sense to make Beast Boy the leader of the Outsiders. He has purpose: take down GGoodness by any means possible. He’s been wrong by her and when he wanted to take action he was told to not make waves by the high-uppers. What other option does he have except rebel and go his own route? Who else in the Outsiders has the inner or outer motivation to do what he did?

Compared to past seasons it does seem a bit scattered and everything seems to bee so calculated. Even Aquaman’s quote at the end about the Outsiders serving the purpose of the JL.

Most of the team was built up in the 1st half of the season so I don’t need constant character building throughout the 2nd half. They’re doing a slow build to something huge like in Season 2 so I’m being patient and enjoying the ride for what it is. Overall I’m mostly glad it’s back, still loving the artwork and haven’t experienced any major disappointment (aside for waiting for new episodes).



So am I the only one who is getting Judas contract vibes from the current season of young justice or no?


I think BB is a good choice at the moment as he has the visibility to make it tough from granny to just take him out. But, he is eventually going to get hoisted on his own petard. I doubt he’s running the Outsiders by the end of the season. BB isn’t a natural leader or tactician.

I think if we end up with Artimis & Roy having a brief liaison, I could see her taking up the mantle of group leader. Especially going public with her identity and calling out her dad as a super villain and a lousy parent. Sportsmaster would be pissed!!

I’m a little surprised it’s still moving at a relatively slow pace, four episodes into the second half. It seems like there’s a lot to be paid off - Terra, Jason Todd, Darkseid’s Nth metal machine, Helga’s motivations, the nuclear option, Cyborg, maybe Wally - but it feels like the roller coaster is still climbing up that first hill.

I am hoping Terra’s arc and any Judas Contract “action” is part of a later season.

I am most interested in Halo’s arc, now that Violet remembers Gabrielle taking a bribe.

I hope Cyborg’s arc is satisfying because i felt like he was shoe horned in.

I am not a fan of season 3. In comparison to the past 2 season, it’s just too slow and not a fan of the new characters. Personally, miss the old and BB as an activist leader is just a joke.


@misc900 you’re so right about the dangling plot threads they haven’t gotten to yet. Maybe if they didn’t waste time with Gar’s team, we could get back to this stuff.


I just watched episodes 17 and 18. I thought these two episodes were especially bad. I have to agree that I am really not enjoying this season. I’ve liked only a few things this whole season. I think the number one thing is there are way too many characters. I think the writers just want to see how many heroes they can introduce at the expense of the plot. I don’t particularly care for any of the new characters. It would have been better if they had just focused on the original team.

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I have to agree with the too many characters. It’s nice that I am introduced to characters that I am not to familiar with but do we need 20. Some of the newer characters I have no clue who the names are. That’s fine with game of thrones (who after 8 seasons). It’s simple you don’t have to introduce 4 new characters a week.

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Sorry my got sentence just stopped. It’s fine with got because for every new character they introduce they kill 4 others off. But let’s limit how many new characters that I don’t really care about to 3 a season.

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Awful season, way too many issues and nothing good except for the fact that the show is back.

1- animation drop quality and if you pay attention most characters look alike!

2- having many characters and introducing new is not an issue because we seen it before in JLU and it was awesome only issue is you have to know how to do it, we have to agree they did a bad job with that this seasons. Violet, the bug and the prince are annoying character. I mean they don’t have any like-able characteristics and don’t get me started on their voices and accents

3- who is the main villain? We don’t even know! And we are pass halfway. I mean yes it’s about the trafficking of children but, where’s savage? Darkside? Death stroke? There’s like 5 different things going on and none of them are going anywhere.

4- why is miss Martian bald? No reason at all just to annoy viewers I guess

5- Night Wing, super boy, kid flash, robin, miss Martian, aqua lad. They where the core of season 1 and 2. Now they are nowhere to be found, I mean I understand they moved on but they are Young Justice! They are what people want to see and What does DC do? They take them away and replace them with 3 garbage characters violet, the bug and the prince which they can kill all 3 of them next episode and I wouldn’t care. (I won’t even mention
Cyborg because it’s like if he doesn’t even exist)

6- BB drama, attitude and social media exploitation makes me want to throw up, and it looks like it’s not stopping

Truly the only way to salvage this show now is if you get Batman on the next episode to explain that he has left the “outsiders” run their way and do their shenanigans all this time so they can distract the enemy from the JLs plan and then the remaining episodes of the season we have the Justice League join forces with the original members of the Young Justice and they both kick Darksides ass on Apokalips.