Young Justice season 3 episodes 4-6

Okay first up Dick totally has the feels for Wally. I mean like it’s so obvious, now I don’t ship Dick and Wally, but I’m not going to say that it isn’t a possibility. Now I understand Wally died​:sleepy: & Dick probably is just missing him, & I definitely understand that, but there is totally some chemistry there. Now second who else finds Conor saying “chucked” absolutely hilarious? Ok now last who else is a little upset that Gar and M’gann (sorry if I didn’t spell her name right) haven’t interacted at all yet, or M’gann & Zatanna (they both are my favorites) . Ok Now 2nd last (sorry) if Wally comes back (oh god plz tell me he comes back) how do you guys think he would react to Conor & M’gann getting MARRIED (I’m so excited for that), also if he does come back Dick is probably going to just push everyone out of the way and probably be the first to hug him, say hi, & say how hw missed him. Can you just imagine Dick physicaly pushing or even throwing Artemis to the ground just to hug Wally I would love that. Okay then that’s it Superhero Nerd is officially out. :partying_face::partying_face::partying_face:

I’ll comment on 1 piece of that. Huge Zatanna fan. Definitely hoping for maximum exposure as always with her. How cool was it to see her interact with Zatara emerging from the Ankh symbol of Dr. Fates tower under the tree tho? Also, with u on the rest of your comments. I’m excited for almost everything, especially now that New Genesis is in play.

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Dr. Fate is a major dick. Would it hurt him to allow a weekly visit? Selfish prick.

Yes Nabu calls all the shots, no doubt about it.