Young Justice: Project Rutabaga Prediction

Bear with me here as I pace back and forth in front of my cork board full of candid photos, news clippings, pushpins and red string.

In Episode 7 of Young Justice: Outsiders, “Evolution,” Vandal Savage asks Lex Luthor what Klarion is up to. He’s then reminded that Klarion is busy with something called “Project Rutabaga.”

But what could Project Rutabaga be? Why would it carry such a silly codename, and why would Klarion be in charge of it?

Let’s consider the last Klarion centric scheme of Young Justice, an adaptation of “JLA: World Without Grown-Ups”, where all the children and adults on Earth are splintered off into two shards of reality.

It’s therefore reasonable to predict that a new Klarion episode would hit the criteria of:

  1. Something that alters reality on a global scale.
  2. Something that’s adapted directly from the comics.

Now let’s consider the codename: “Rutabaga.”

FUN FACT: In the process of filmmaking, it’s an old trick to have crowd scenes simulate dialogue and ruckus by repeating a nonsense phrase. One of the most common through film and television history: the word “Rutabaga.”

Now: imagine this. What if Klarion’s project is to replicate a similar effect within their own reality? What if, for whatever reason, Klarion wanted to reduce global communication to an unintelligible nonsense phrase? Something like… “Rutabaga?”

Is this beginning to sound familiar to you? Almost like it’s something we may have seen before?

I SUBMIT TO YOU: In the second half of Young Justice: Outsiders, we will bear witness to a half hour, animated adaptation of JLA: Tower of Babel.

(But what say you? Do you have a different idea on Project Rutabaga? Is my theory sound? This is, of course, an open forum.)


This is definitely the most well-thought-out theory I’ve heard about it thus far. TBH I don’t really like to speculate, I just want everything to be given to me, lol. It just seems like Vandal and Lex’s reaction to remembering Project Rutabaga was a bit strange. If I remember correctly, Lex kind of chuckled a bit when saying it and Vandal sighed. Very interesting. Somehow it was important enough that they couldn’t call him away to help them stop a world-destroying armada. All I know is that I don’t know, and I want to know. :grimacing:


The Light has certainly taken advantage of a world plunged into chaos in the past. Who knows what plans this could provide coverage for?


That makes a lot of sense. It could tie into the plot by driving a wedge between the Batman-led team and the other anti-Light groups and create problems for the heroes.


Oh, that’s a good thought! Breakdowns and divisions in communication between heroes have been a major theme this season, so the Babel story would only serve to advance that motif.


Bump for more theories :cat:

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Look, all I’m saying is if I nailed this DC better send me some kind of “World’s Smartest Man” trophy.

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That, or give the Question a cameo in the show.


Hey, I’ll take that!



In 3 weeks we’ll be looking at some new Young Justice episodes and possibly the answer to this question~


I just want to see more klarion


It’s an interesting theory. Well conceived, if it comes to pass.

Rutabaga as a code name for a linguistical disruption would be an apt code name. However, having worked as an extra, the actual use of rutabaga is more legend than practical fact.

Having a legend status fits even better into a code name theory, as the light has shown a propensity for the legendary/mythological code names in the past. They worked the Reach to be viewed as the legendary “deus ex machina” for earth.

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So, I was wrong about this one! Oh well.