Young justice politically correct?

Anyone feel like the outsider season was more based on sending a message of a political narrative then focusing on the story🤔


I 100% agree with you. It sometimes annoyed me in some episodes.


I think there were definitely some socially progressive themes within the show, but it’s not like the season was short on story either. Every episode was rife with event.


Lex gave some Trump one liners.

The cast was more diverse.

But most of the story was plot and character driven, not political.


One thing I will say is I feel like it was inappropriate to put so many of Trump’s go-to catchphrases into Luthor’s mouth…

…because Luthor’s WAY smarter than that.


Donald Trump was one of the inspirations for post-Crisis Lex Luthor, so that’s what you get when you say that Luthor wasn’t cool until he was a businessman! Mad scientist Luthor for the win! Give me my green and purple power suit, DC!


It’s worth noting that DC has been political (and left-leaning) since Action Comics #1.


This is the season that will feel the most dated, 20 years from now, because it drew from a bunch of pop culture themes.

It was funny to see some of the phrases come out of Lex’s mouth. Was it a middle digit to say “media that doesn’t fawn over you is not the enemy of the people.” I’d argue yes it was, and I’m glad they did it.

If there is a need to reduce human trafficking as a political message, than yes. They pushed that. If making comment on the weaponization of social media using export controlled weapons grade techniques is a political statement, than yes they did that. (But we know Cambridge Analytica did that for elections around the globe, including Brexit and the 2016 US presidential election. Those are established facts.)

If using two big issues to hang the machinations of a season on is “politicizing” a show. Than so be it. Those two issues of trafficking and using military grade weapons against your citizens are issues that matter and effect the lives of millions. They are topical issues of the day. Comics have a rich tradition of doing this. So it didn’t seem out of place.


For me, just as a matter of story telling a couple of Trump lines for Lex worked but they probably used too many.
The human trafficking part, DC has used analogies for drugs trafficking many times, don’t see the difference as a story telling device. The part I found most irritating, soon to be dated, and just bad was the focus on social media as an indicating of anything like real power or impact.
As for the overall season part two, stumbled a bit, then last 5 episodes really hit its stride.


This show has been about today’s political climate and inclusion of everyone.


I agree, the social media thing was the worst aspect for me. I think the episode where it was the worst was the not-Scooby gang reacting to Gar saying the same things he said earlier “So it’s like a revolution!” That line always felt out of place when Gar said it, but it was worse when you had one of the newsgirl legion say it because it came off as the writer trying to hammer home a point. It didn’t feel like a natural line of dialogue.


I am definitely more progressive as far as these things go, but I have to say that he integration of a more diverse cast of characters was poorly handled. The writers overtly included characters just because of their race or gender. DC already has many diverse characters that deserve to be in the show for more than just the fact that there needed to be more color on the team, or there needed to be a woman on the team. I would much rather that those characters been included on the team for an ACTUAL reason or motivation. We’ll see how it works out for Season 4. All in all, the writers had hw best intentions, but were clunky in their execution to say the least.


That was the other thing with Gar forming his team and the unnatural dialogue: they had each team member say what box they ticked off. I didn’t have a problem with the members of the Outsiders—it was good to see Cassie and Jaime again—but how it was written made it seem like they were talking directly to the audience rather than having natural dialogue.

I still want to see the Outsiders next season, but I also hope we move more into them being an actual team rather than a social media plot-point.


I think the social media aspect will be less next season. The weaponizing of social media was a theme and I’ll wager that much of the season was being written during the Cambridge Analytica scandal,

If they are going to approach a social tech topic for season 4, I hope it’s privacy rights.


I’m not sure how the social media stuff will date it. If anything, social media will probably become more prevalent in the future, not less so.

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Eventually, by social convention or legislation, the weaponizing of social media will lessen.

What will happen when with all those “influencers” once they actually get their feet held to the fire and have to disclose that they are being compensated for their influence?

What will happen when systems become more aware and can trace the use of weapons grade social media targeting?

People have seen the bright side of social media, people are now only starting to see the dark side of it.