Young Justice Phantoms

This show is so good but so so sad. R.I.P Superboy :yjo_beast_boy: :yjo_beast_boy_vr: :yjo_beast_boy: :yjo_nightwing: :yjo_superboy:


#young justice phatoms

R.I.P 🪦 :cry:

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I’m still in denial. I don’t care how long we have to wait, I’m gonna keep convincing myself the Legion saved him somehow. That just has to be how it pans out



Yes thank u me to :joker_hv_3: :ttns_gif_conner: :yjo_superboy: :shock_ga:

:legion_fan_club: poor megan

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Sadly super boy was my favorite character who are yours

i hope someone can help beast boy and megan


Something else has GOT to be going on about what just happened to Superboy! If not then something is wrong with those writers always with this pain of loss crap and they should know it doesn’t always have to be that way in DC.

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I agree and welcome back :yjo_superboy: :ttns_gif_conner:

Ok I don’t no if any one has watched today’s young justice episode but conners ghost oh my gosh he really is dead!

There’s another Young Justice thread, sorry.

I really was with everyone else, I thought the Legion saved him but they didn’t. What’s the point of the Legion then?