Young Justice: Phantoms Spoilers Discussion

Personally i’ve really enjoyed this season. I think I’ve enjoyed Phantoms abit more even then season 3. Anywho I really hope we get a season 5! Young Justice is probably one of my favorite DC cartoons and I want to see it continue/get a proper ending!

Also a direct to video &/or HBOMax movie for the series would be nice!


no have not seen it any good my name is corey nice to meet you


I would be legitimately surprised if they did this, but what if the boy trapped in the box is Scott Free, aka Mister Miracle? I can’t help but notice that he hasn’t shown up yet, even with all of the Fourth World stuff that’s been going on in the past few seasons. They made it pretty obvious that Orion came to New Genesis because Darkseid and Highfather swapped sons to broker peace, so we know that Scott would have been handed over to Darkseid as the other half of that deal. Even the name of the box, “Kaiser-Thrall”, could be redefined as “Emperor-Slave”, which in turn might be a clue that Darkseid took Highfather’s son, crammed him in the box, and is using him as a battery to power the machine. Then there’s the fact that the boy is inexplicably trapped in the box, and that’s basically Mister Miracle’s whole shtick.

I suppose the big hole in this theory is that the boy in the box is said to be 11 years old, and Orion is much older than that. Then again, this season has played around a lot with timelines and ages, what with the schoolkids who travelled around for ten years without aging and the Kryptonians stuck in the Phantom Zone for even longer. It could be that time works differently inside the box and that even though Scott feels like he’s 11, he’s actually the same age as the other New Gods.

Alternatively, this trapped boy could just be one of the metahuman kids that got trafficked around in previous seasons. I guess that would be fitting, albeit unoriginal.


Oh, I like this theory.

It could also be as simple as they put Scot in there just after he was traded with Orion, so he hasn’t aged since. That’s why the scans still have him coming up as 11 years old.

Only issue is didn’t Natu say it was an Earth child? Or did I mishear that?


Ah shoot, you’re right. I just went back through and she does say “child from Earth”, meaning that this kid was probably just trafficked to Apokolips.

See, this is what happens when I start theorizing about stuff in the middle of the night :rofl:


It was a great theory though! And, who knows, with the way this universe is maybe you could still be right somehow? I think it is a cool idea.


I appreciate the optimism :blush:

Idk, the only other time that would have been a good moment to tease Scot would have been in season 3 when they introduced the x-pit. Maybe he’s just in another pit? :sweat_smile:

Honestly I’m not even sure why I’m fixating on wanting to see Mister Miracle in the show. Admittedly he would be a great fit, seeing that he and Barda have been known to live on Earth and have one or two kids themselves, much like how the other heroes on the show are getting married and having kids. Between that and how prevalent the Fourth World has become in Young Justice, it kinda seems like a no-brainer.


The show has deviated in such ways that this is possible, but my immediate thought was of a character–whose name I can’t quite recall. Danny something (Chase?), a Teen Titans supporting character that I think was considered a “Cousin Oliver” for a while until falling into obscurity. All I remember is his Linkara saying he actually liked the character in his Teen Titans retrospective.
But my only reason for considering this is because the character is so obscure.

While I liked that Raquel came to terms with the realities of her son’s autism, I’m mixed as to how she got there. The arc took a 90 degree turn or two, focused on other things (Razor, the Foragers), that it almost felt out of nowhere. And “Thank you for seeing me” felt–really on the nose, to an almost wincing degree. Maybe if it’d been phrased differently–?
I was totally expecting Purple Forager to bite the big one. Cool surprise that she got the ring, though.

Was anyone else kind of waiting for some quick explanation for why they didn’t go to Batman first? I get that it’s Grayson’s turn for some spotlight time, but he ain’t the one called “World’s Greatest Detective.” Maybe it’ll be forthcoming, or they just won’t feel the need to address it.

They seem to acknowledge that if Supes is keeping secrets, it’s for a better reason than being a control freak.

“I’ve finally come to terms with Conner’s death.”
“About that–”
“That’s it, I’m shaving my beard!”

Loved the small giveaways of Phantom Girl being awake. A little risky (especially since she had her eyes open at one point), but I’m curious if they’ll reveal Zod knew the whole time. He’s got some form of telepathy, so maybe he’s playing oblivious to it? Or he can only read minds of those close/loyal to him?


If I’m being honest, this is how I’ve felt about Young Justice ever since it came back for a third season. I’m still along for the ride, but a lot of the episodes and character arcs have become this bad combination of simplified character development and complicated exposition dumps.

One of the things that people keep loving about BTAS, along with the rest of those 90s-00s shows, is this idea that even though the show was put on for kids, there was a good balance of subtle, adult themes that made the episodes enjoyable for an older audience. In the case of YJ (starting with season 3, anyway), that balance seems off to me. That’s not to say that every cartoon DC cooks up should be identical to BTAS, but I’m just not feeling that same special something that was in the first two seasons of YJ.


Had a bad day yesterday and binging ep. 14 - 21 today was the perfect cure

It’s awesome how seamless they build lore on top of lore. The Vandal history and how that extends into multiple plot threads is super interesting.

Things like Tomar-Re’s connection to Krypton and that guilt made his character immediately engrossing; in only a few lines of dialogue they do so much with these characters. Awesome!

4 Seasons in they keep surprising me with arcs, twists, lore, etc I could gush all day. Really love this season and thank you for bringing in some…

Green Lantern: The Animated Series goodness !!! :grin:


It was beyond obvious we’ve lost Conner for the time being, it doesn’t hurt any less to see Conner be a lapdog of Zod!

Fury caught on to Brion’s Ambassador, thank goodness!!!

I was beyond happy to see most of the OG Team on a mission together, with Grayson leading the charge, his poor car and snacks though!!! Hahaha!




Needs more Superheroing


I’m just so happy seeing the main team back together. It’s bittersweet not having Wally there but I’ll take what I can get.

Poor Phantom Girl. She tried so hard. But I guess she is on Mars now. Which makes sense after I thought about it for a moment. She can’t teleport. She just phases. I hope they restored communication to Earth. Though, she probably won’t try to use it… Gah… we just need everyone to talk to each other and that would solve nearly everything.

Speaking of talking to each other. Garfield! He is doing so much better! I’m so proud of him. That and Violet and Brion. That would have been a good talk if the Ambassador hadn’t shown up. I’m happy to see Fury catching on and Brion as well. That won’t redeem Brion completely, but it’ll be a start.

Also, I know she’s only had like 5 lines in this entire show but please give us more Harper Row content. I love her character so much. :sweat_smile:

The team is not prepared for what they are going to find in the Phantom Zone but it’ll be interesting. I just hope they have a way out. And we didn’t see Bart/Zod and co. this episode so who knows where they are right now. This is leading up to a good fight I think. The real question is what side Conner will be on.



Great episode

The team back together minus a few but for good reason to get to the zone. Some gremlin fun and Nightwing stuffed bargened off :laughing:.

Brion still ruling over Markovia but really is his right hand. And seems like Fury is in to it. Interesting where that may go. And Halo start anew and seem to be willing to give her and Harper a shot. But that talk with Brion. Is there was no interference it may have lead to something different.

Beast boy seems to be doing better but still working on it. Nice and wingman is adorable.

PG spills it all to Con but seems he’s still lost. She’s free but what now.

Credits were interesting. Notice Plastic Man was the scissors :laughing:

Can our heroes save Superboy? Or is he lost? Will Brion break form the Light’s influence? All this and more Same Whelmed Time Same Whelmed Channel


there is a difference between Conner being helped out of the PZ, and him being helped, cause just like PGs hand his while body is on deaths door, and when he steps the 1st toe out of there, he is gonna die for real.


Ohhh, Phantom Girl isn’t a teleporter?


yep I think ppl just assumed she would just teleport out with him to safety, nope. only. place she would brought him was straight back to his death.

his friends will be able to get him out, but they will have to keep him alive, his injuries are massive.


This show isn’t that good


but it can be, and we never see those times comimg, so we keep watching to see when it happens lol.