Young Justice: Outsiders

When do the new episodes actually drop, as in 12AM EST, 12AM PST or later on sometime Friday? I ask this because I know with Netflix, they drop their content at 12AM PST for all intents most of the time. I haven’t even watched episode 1 yet, I’m just going to binge the entire 1st half of the season, but if they are going to drop soon then I can start catching up now, if not (as in won’t drop until 5PM PST) then I can just wait.

I think in the late morning on Friday

It always goes up at 9:00 AM, EST.

If you click on the YJ S3 page on Fridays, it actually tells you how many hours you have left to wait, which I love. My page says 2 hours right now for the remaining 4 episodes until mid-season break.

I love in Texas so it’s 8:00 AM

First of all, I love Young Justice! I first discovered it looking for a cartoon I would enjoy watching with my son. I also introduced to my friend’s children, who are Muslim. I grew up watching Batman the Animated Series and Gargoyles. I loved the story lines, character development and the high quality animation. I loved the diversity in Gargoyles and young justice.

I loved that young justice is back. However, I am sad that I can not fully watch it with my young son nor can I share it with my friend’s children who are Muslim due to the more adult content.

In my opinion, The cartoon would still be outstanding without introducing pre-martial sex. Also, I know for a fact my friend, who is Muslim, will have strong objections showing an underage Muslim girl kissing a boy. Also, if the tone was kept for children, it would have more mass appeal.

I love that they introduced a Muslim super heroine and continue to embrace diversity that isn’t forced and high quality story telling. I wish this could be something I could still watch with my son and share with my friend’s children.

Here in Central time it’s always 4/5 am. One of those times.