young justice outsiders

One of the main reason why I’m joining so when is going to be available???


Agreed Young Justice Outsiders was the main reason for me getting the subscription service and then the Titans live action as well.


Early 2019.

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Saaaaaaammmme the writing for that show is UNREAL! Warner Bros animation is licking butt as usual!!!

If only their writers could get their hands more so on the live action movies -_-


Irey is that a typo?

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I feel ripped off. I thought young justice outsiders was out already.

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Ah, it’s not out yet, that explains it. I’m really looking forward to it!

The teen titan looks like crap in my opinion.

Irey, your typo on kicking butt licks butt

YJ should be available after Titans finishes in January. I am so excited for season 3!!!