Young Justice Outsiders: Spoilers and Predictions (Fallout from Secrets)

With so many Xanatos Gambits (or wanna-be ones anyway), I wanted to post a thread regarding the likely fallout from all the lies.

(1) Beast Boy is a minion of Granny Goodness: the brainwashing of Dick and Jefferson shows that Granny could have easily brainwashed Garfield while he confronted her at her office episodes ago. The cut between scenes reminded me of the “Broken Arrow” confrontation between Red Arrow and Sportsmaster in Season 1. I would agree with many that Garfield is being manipulated to create the Outsiders to overthrow the Justice League. How better to trick metahumans into getting captured by trusting their new favorite team of superheroes. Meanwhile, the Anti-Light believes that they are finally getting ahead of their enemies. The betrayal of Garfield as a sleeper agent will break the confidence of the Anti-Light and endanger the lives of The Team and Outsiders at the Tower. Imagine lockdown of the new headquarters, where the heroes are trapped in a literal danger room.

(2) Anti-Light will be revealed: Jefferson continues to be suspicious. When the Anti-Light is discovered, it will fracture the hero community and possibly force the leaders of the various teams to step down. While the Anti-Light has been acting for the best interests of all, the ends do not justify the means. I am still surprised that no one turned their backs on the League / Team after Kaldur and Dick took a page from the Dark Knight in Season 2. Certainly, Green Arrow will likely be upset for the manipulations, especially given the likelihood of his and Dinah’s breakup. And whether Beast Boy is brainwashed or not, none of the younger heroes will think kindly to being manipulated. Beast Boy’s request for no more fake deaths (lies and deceptions) is definitely broken.

(3) Robin and Wonder Girl Breakup - pretty obvious, but Wonder Girl will break up with Robin when she finds out his betrayal.

(4) Dr. Fate is a Traitor: Nabu is the deceased son of Vandal Savage, a fact which may not be known to the heroes. Even if Nabu has not always been a mole/traitor, as a Lord of Order, Nabu may believe that siding with The Light and allowing the final showdown between Earth and Apokolips is the best way to maintain order. The fact that Fate is currently missing is troublesome at best.

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If Gar is revealed to still be under Granny’s control, I think that would be one hell of a twist. It would certainly put how he’s been acting lately into a new context. I haven’t been a fan of Gar since he formed the Outsiders. Something has been off about his character. To be fair, that could just be me putting that on him because I’ve found the social media aspects grating. But if this was part of the plan to begin with, I think I could go back to those episodes again and see them in a new way.