Young Justice Outsiders Final shot

Hey there. I’m a novice comics reader so I was hoping if someone could explain what the ring we see the server in Bibo’s is related to? I recognize the shapes but can’t quite place the meaning.


That was the Legion Flight Ring. Used by the Legion of Super-Heroes. I don’t think they’d add the entire legion to the show, but we probably would get some of the more well known characters like Brainiac 5 and Dream Girl


They could do a mini Legion Lost with a few characters trapped in the 21st century.

Like Saturn Girl in Doomsday Clock.


The legion ! However they decided to do it I’m sure it will be cool

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The legion ! However they decided to do it I’m sure it will be cool

Read there comic Legion of Super-Heroes issues 290-294. Includes Darkseid and could be inspiration to season 4.

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Legion for next season will be awesome.

I’m giving it a 90% chance the waitress is Saturn Girl and a 10% chance it is Supergirl.

Why Imra:
Introducing the Legion with a founding member would make sense. The blonde pony tail is a dead giveaway.

Why Kara:
Also a blonde legionnaire. Not uncommon to have her hair in a ponytail in her civilian identity. Would be more likely to have civilian job in the 21st century. Notably absent from the world so far. Wouldn’t it be ironic in the new “no secrets” league if Superman was the one to still keep a big secret weapon hidden in Bibbo’s diner.

Hoping for Kara but this is a can’t lose situation.

Long Live the Legion

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I’m almost sure it’s Saturn Girl. I just finished couldn’t wait to find site to talk about the legion ring. Rewound it so many times for hints on waitress. Just going by blonde hair & fact that she was the first girl( also founder) of the legion. Plus the only girl to visit metropolis with the other 2 founders,Live Wire aka Lightning Lad, & Cosmic Boy.


I’m so excited for legion I didn’t read any posts 1st. I posted an example like yours on another site. Justifying reasons for why it was Imra or Kara. Some are same like the hair & fact she was lone female founder & lone female to visit Metropolis 1st. Speaking of imra. Kara, I just said I’d be happy either way & Supergirl/ Superboy connection as she was serving him. Way more reasons it’s imra for me imho. However, if I’m wrong & it’s Supergirl I still win cuz I love both. If it’s neither, it would be why YJ is so great. That’s a long shot tho. I really think it’s between Imra & Kara & heavy lean towards Imra.

Im also very excited for the legion and I also believe that wally will return from the speedforce next season to fight darkseid so all of that stuff togather season 4 will be the best since season 1


I share your excitement for both. I thought Wally was coming back this season for sure when “Z” & Miss Martian allowed her a false vision. Seemed like the future “ff” she saw had too many revelations to be false. Always next season, that’s why YJ is special. Best Cliffhangers & Character usage.

The final shot, in which a cherubic baby clone of Lobo is brutally murdered by Real Lobo, is a reference to comics YJ member Slobo.

Because 80s Lobo was in many ways a parody of Wolverine, generally anything cut off Lobo (sometimes any drop of blood he spills, though this is inconsistent) turns into another Lobo. These aren’t quite as immortal as Real Lobo, they heal and multiply but can be killed if you work hard enough at it. In Peter David’s Young Justice, one of those clones never reaches maturity and becomes a member of the team as Slobo. He’s basically “what if Nelson Muntz was Lobo?”, an obnoxious but relatively harmless ‘rebel’ character. The repeated credits shots of Lobo’s severed finger slowly growing were clearly a tease of this character, only to have Real Lobo kill Baby Slobo and set what’s left on fire to mess with 90s comics nerds. It was incredibly fragging cruel, but I laughed even as my heart wept.

Oh, the ring? Yeah, we’re getting the Legion of Superheroes. They are number one and the best, and you should go read the 1990s series starting with the zero issues of LSH and Legionnaires and working forward from there because they are the best space-opera superheroes.

The ring shot pumped me up for Season 4!

The Lobo crap I thought might have been neat after the Lobo episode but seemed beyond stupid at the end of a season finale.

I understood the build-up but feel a finale should be epic, not giggly and goofy.