Young Justice Outsiders Episode 6 Theory

I think that hooded ninja who was fighting Dick in episode 6 is Jason who has amnesia after being revived by the Shadows and is working for them. I theorize that because he seemingly knows Dick and his hairstyle looks exactly the one that Jason’s memorial hologram in Mount Justice had.


They’re pretty gutsy going that direction, i wonder if we get snippets of the crowbar scene with the joker. Also that baby that Talia was holding is definitely Damien Wayne.


@KPulse You beat me to the punch I was gonna say that had to be damian

I thought under the Red Hood was a part of this universe but I guess it wasn’t

Is halo related to vandal savage? That chick can’t stay dead!

Do you think the reason he was kick out of the light was because of the two hidden characters in episode 6? and calling it now deadstroke is the new head.



Halo has self healing powers kind of like Flash, not immortal but close. She has a literal spectrum of powers, Violet is her self healing hue.

Personally now that it has been revealed that Jason Todd is alive and Damian Wayne has been born, I just want like a Bat Family centric episode, where Batman, Nightwing, and Robin go on the hunt after Jason and on that hunt Damian is discovered.


I’m a Kirby guy, so I can’t wait for New Genesis & Apokolips to get into full stride. Also wanna see Katana in action still. Love the Batman & the Outsiders direction it’s going with the usual YJ slight twists on canon. Also, of course, I can’t wait to see what characters are coming.

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