Young Justice: Outsiders E1-E3 Easter Eggs!

If you haven’t had a chance to watch the first three episodes of Young Justice: Outsiders, you’re missing out! And not just because it’s got a 100% rating on Rotten Tomatoes- it also happens to not miss a beat after nearly 7 years from its last incarnation.

If you have seen them, and just can get enough, you’re in luck! Our resident expert has taken a fine-tooth comb to each episode to find all the glittery Easter Eggs. You can find the breakdown in our News section, or by following the link below:

Was there anything we might have missed? Did you catch these, too? Let us know in the comments below!


I love how deep Greg Weisman and the gang went for this one!

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I’m happy DC got hip to the hungry huge fan base for these heroes !!!
Makes paying for the subscription well worth the money !!!


Im very happy that courtney made an appearance i hope she makes more cameos

Thank you young justice team for making season 3


A great in-depth article, pointing out several things that I missed! Difficult to catch everything, though, so here are a few corrections/comments…

Correction: Plastic Man isn’t a new character for YJS3. He was inducted into the Justice League alongside Red Arrow in Season One. He does have a new costume design, though!

Comment: On the topic of Roy’s change of name: while the author of the article indicates that the reasons for this change are ‘unknown to us,’ I think it’s pretty obvious that Clone-Roy’s struggle over the course of Season 2 to separate himself from Real-Roy has resulted in him going by his middle name.

Correction: Rumaan Harjavti had indeed been seen before on the show - in the Season One episode ‘Image’.

Personally, I think the most exciting deep cut had to be Kaizen Gamorra. Does this mean that the YJ team have access to Wildstorm characters in the same way they can use Milestone characters? (loved that Hardware cameo!) If so, could we see the teenaged members of Gen13 in this season?

There’s always something I miss, so keep up the good work!


Thanks for the catches Chris!

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I recognized the almost exact path it was taking in these 1st three episodes as far as Batman & the Outsiders was concerned. As Joshua pointed out in the article, there were slight variations on them, but the storyline was almost the same. As is typical for YJ, the twists were just enough to make em there own, but still remain true to the history of the characters, events, plots etc. Absolutely love the easter eggs columns. Not an Easter egg, but the segments Beast Boy did on raising awareness of the kidnapping of metas was exactly like “the more u know” ads celebrities did throughout my childhood. Even up to the multicolored stars the segments ended with.

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I LOVED Beast Boy’s segments!!
That made me laugh so much.
I also love Space Trek…one of my favorite Easter eggs



I’m with ya’. Just finished TNTT run & saw a flashback segment of BB on space trek. It’s tales of the Titans, BB obviously. He refers back to what he did on set to escape a trap of the same configuration as the one he was in, in real life. He’s telling story to group & seeing if anyone can guess how he did it. Great issue, all 4 tales of the Titans were sooo great. He keeps asking Grayson since he’s the detective of the group if he can figure it out b4 he reveals it.

I’m kinda sad and disapointed that Lagoon Boy hasn’t shown up in Season 3 and i need to know what happened to him will he show up soon?