Young Justice: Outsiders Art Quality downgrade?

Anyone notice the art style and animation of YJ Outsiders looks…pretty cheap compared to the past two seasons? Do you think that’s why they’re using the animated movie designs for the most part? It’s sad, because the art direction of YJ was one of the reasons I loved the show. It felt like the (previous) quality of a DC Animated movie (like Crisis on Two Earths), but for a weekly series. The heads look way more blocky, especially for the female characters. Colors are more muted, like Superman and Wonder Woman. Noticed it especially on Artemis, she doesn’t have the same head anymore. Anyone know why it’s like this? Was it a different lead character designer?


I noticed a slight change in some of the character designs and how they were drawn but I didn’t notice a downgrade


pretty much what beekbros.756 said. WoWo was the most noticeable to me in terms of looking different. I loved Superman’s new costume. It’s a blend of Man of Steel and Rebirth.


I love it

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I didn’t notice that because it’s not true lmao when will you trolls give it up and get a life

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I does look “slightly” different, but it’s not so bad that it diminishes the show in anyway. The show went away for a little over half a decade so I can forgive it for not looking like season 2 ended yesterday, y’know?


I only noticed the slight change in the art style and I think its like that because of the change from Cartoon Network.

The only thing that bugs me is that it seems like they keep changing eye colors on certain characters. Like Dick had blue eyes since season 1, but now it looks like he only has blue eyes the first couple of episodes of season 3 and except for a few scenes, they are just black (but they don’t do that with Conner or Will). I notice it more when he is with other blue eyed characters. Are they afraid to have too many characters with the same eye color? Artemis’ eyes were also depicted as grey or a dark green in the early seasons, but also seem to remain black most of the time this season.

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Yeah the biggest thing I’ve noticed is that people’s faces seem to be wider. It does bug me a little but I’ve been googling it and haven’t been able to find a clear answer as to why it changed.

I actually thought the action stuff in particular looked even better than the orig seasons. I see slight differences here and there but didn’t detect any decline in quality personally