Young Justice only 1 episode

why is there only one episode for young justice? I thought it was 3 per week…young justice the only reason I have this app. Is this going to be a continuous thing or just this week alone?

If so I can just cancel the membership and get it back in a few months to binge watch since DC wants to drop 1 episode a week

I believe it will be continuous up until the last 4 episodes, albeit I’m not certain

God I wanna say something so badly but I’m trying to be nice. Since you only have this app for YJ you seem to not really care for it. You need to pay attention they warned you that they were gonna do 1 episode per week until the last 3 episodes so stop complaining

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Also why are you subbed to a streaming service for 1 show? And you canceling and waiting to binge isn’t helping the show if it gets cancelled again it’s not coming back ever

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When the show came back, we were told in the Watchtower section that it would be shifting from one episode per week starting with this week. We were notified a while ago, in fact.

Always check the Watchtower forums for any and all information regarding these things.


Here’s the link regarding this:

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We do apologize for any confusion that this has caused, @LongJawnSilva. Young Justice: Outsiders did begin and will conclude with three episode releases, but for the next few weeks there will be one episode per week. We do sincerely hope this doesn’t make the season any less fun. :slight_smile:

You can view the full schedule here:

Thank you to everyone who pitched in to answer this question, and even provide a link to the Watchtower thread. You’re all amazing! <3


Thank you, Zatanna!