🤩🤩Young Justice OC. Tell me about your OC!!!🤩🤩

If you have any Young Justice OC’s tell me about them. I want to know;

  1. Their name/ nickname and Alias ( hero name )


  1. Abilities/ powers

  2. Backstory

  3. Looks

  4. ( This is optional ) Family/Friends/Crush(es)/ Enemies

Then the rest is up to you what you want to add. Mine will be down below as an example.

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Name: Riley Odell (Lance)/ Verse ( pronounces Veers)

Age: 13

Looks: Medium brown hair, pale skin, blueish-green eyes that turn gray when tired

Captain Marvel’s( From Marvel ) suit but it’s Verse’s suit/ Civvies include a grey hoodie , jeans and boots :hiking_boot:

Family/Friends: Dinah Lance( Adopted mom ), M’gann ( BFF ), Artemis ( Friend ), Robin ( BFF/ Crush )

Backstory: Her parents were murdered by a homicidal robot and she fled her hometown of Charleston, SC. She then got kidnapped by Cadmus and experimented by them. When she was escaping, an alien power core was unstable and exploded and she got caught in the blast. Dinah was on the mission with Batman, Superman, Green Arrow, And Wonder Woman when they went to Cadmus. When they found out all about Riley, Dinah decided to take her under her wing. At the time, The Young Justice League was being formed. Dinah decided to place her to live in the cave with M’gann and Connor and soon grew close to everyone.

Hobbies: Singing, Training her powers, Acting

Favorite flavor of music: Pop, Alternative

Favorite Musical: Shrek The Musical

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