Young Justice New Favorite Show

I just started young justice for the first time, and let me just say this show is gold.
I dig style and fluidity of the animation, the fight scenes are action packed, the comedic aspect is on point.

Captain Marvel low key just wants to hang with everyone cause he’s actually 10 y/o; LOVE IT!

what scenes, dialog, or jokes do y’all love?


Glad you love the show. It’s my favorite as well. I couldn’t really tell you my favorite jokes or moments cuz there’s so many great ones. Wait till you get to season 3. I’m glad the show matured with the characters in the sense that they can show a little blood and talk about human trafficking and stuff. If it was on regular TV that wouldn’t be possible.

I just binged all three episodes as well and it is a great show!!

Patiently waiting for season 4 now :grin:

My favorite scene is Nightwing’s fever dream with Kid Flash

Second favorite as sad as it is - is the Wally/Artemis scene season 3


Yeah season 3 was the best one yet imo!

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I agree, it brought back the focus to the original Team.


Glad you’re enjoying the show.

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Yeah, 1 introduced them, 2 expanded the world, and 3 is bringing us back to the original while continuing to expand the universe. Hopefully 4 will bring us back to the original team and complete the story (idk if we can expect a season 5 :cry:).

Why wouldn’t we be getting a fifth season?

It’s just hard to tell at this point. YJ doesn’t seem to be one of those shows that can essentially go on for as long as the writers want. HBO Max will have to make a decision based on how well they feel season 4 does, and that’ll likely be the case for every potential season from that point on

@zulmara5.38205 I don’t know if we can count on a fifth season because we can’t count on HBO max (and at&t) to produce it since it is considered more niche I think then the Harley Quinn show. I also don’t know if Brandon and Greg have written if for five seasons, or however many. I think they have a plan and will do that many seasons, but don’t know if we can count on the money people to support them.

I plan to enjoy whatever we get and am still grateful it came back at all and we are getting double the seasons I thought we’d have (the agony of the season 2 finale was carried for years). I just hope the creators get notice it is the end so we can have the ending the show deserves.

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