Young Justice New Characters

How do you guys feel about the new characters in Season 3? I like Black Lightning. Cyborg’s story arc seems like it has potential. Outside of those two, I really don’t care for the others. The show has a different feel from seasons 1 & 2. It seems like it is geared toward a younger demographic. I wish they would have only added a couple of characters and continued to develop the character arcs of the established characters.


I think they didn’t need cyborg this season. Although as some have speculated, if they end up with a new TT spinof, than getting cyborg in the mix now makes sense.

I could see a core TT group with beast boy, cyborg, Artimis & (if they bring him back, Wally West. Maybe use Nightwing in the capacity that Batman played in YJ in seasons 1&2. And/or slot Oracle over to that role, if they unship Babs&Dick.

Artemis isn’t a teenager anymore, and neither would Wally West be, so I don’t think either of them are a good fit for the Titans.

I’m pretty sure the potential Titans team is shaping up to be Beast Boy, Blue Beetle, Impulse/Kid Flash 2.0, and Cyborg (so far at least, given what happened in ep 16.)

Personally, I have no objections to any of the characters or arcs introduced, though I worry that the overall story will be detracted from by the juggling of too many plot lines.

I think Halo especially is completely adorable, and I hope to see more of Harper Row. I also want to know more about some of the Gotham-adjacent characters brought in, like Spoiler, Orphan, and Katana.

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I like some of the new characters like Halo, but I wish they would focus on the OG characters more.

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I like Geo-Force. He’s pretty cool. Black Lightning is okay. Terra, I feel nothing for as of yet. Halo is cool sometimes, other times she’s too clueless. Cyborg, I am liking. I love Forager. Dr. Jace, I’m not liking.

I just wish they wouldn’t have Wonder Girl and Barbara in the background as much as they do. We were teased with a Batgirl led team, then we skipped over her entire tenure as Batgirl. Wonder Girl is the strongest one on the team (since Superboy was off of it for a while) and she’s relegated to boy problems that cause her to not even be in episodes.


I love Forager. But i always go crazy for obscure 4th world kirby characters.

Way too many characters. So many the story can’t keep up and it makes caring about them difficult.