Young Justice Items to Redeem now

New items up for the taking now (3:00 Thurs, 7/30)!

  • *** Young Justice T-Shirt**
  • *** Young Justice Poster**

While Young Justice isn’t my personal favorite, THANK YOU DC for following through with new items! It’s nice as well that you put up 2 choices (or both items for those who really dig Young Justice). If you could keep following through like this based on different characters / shows / movies each week, I think the community here would be thrilled!
You don’t need to put up the real big, bright, and shiny each time (though maybe once with advanced notice would be great), just something solid we can appreciate would be fantastic.


I`ve missed the t-shirt…which one was it? D:

It had “Young Justice” written across the front, the letters looked like they were cut from comic pages.
For future items, they seem to be releasing them on Thursdays, @ 12:00 Pacific / 3:00 Eastern time.

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Sometimes (often) the better items that release on Thursdays can run out within an hour, so log on as close to time as you can. :ok_hand:

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oh okay, thank you so much! :smiley:

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