Young Justice isn’t the best DC show

Now i’m not gonna sit here and bash young justice cuz i love it, but i don’t think it’s the very best dc show up until this new season, they haven’t exactly had a compelling villain, but vandal savage is pretty solid particularly after evolution, but i think the villains in btas jl and jlu are far better, plus i feel like not every member of the team gets their spotlight like jl or jlu, plus i just feel like there’s more character exploration in those other three shows i said. Btw to clear it up i’m only saying those three shows are better, not hating on YJ. Plus i don’t think there’s ever been a completely sad scene, wally’s death was pretty sad, but not like crushing imo. Compared with the baby doll scene, superman’s funeral and ace’s death and plenty of others. While the animation is great tho, it’s not super distinctive like the dark deco from btas and the square body models from jl and jlu. Plus there’s not much distinctive voice acting, something the these three have in spades, everbody’s perfectly casted, but in yj season 2, beast boy is just not good, there’s a lot of other examples of just generic sounding people. Overall not hating on YJ at all. I love it and think it’s super dope but i just don’t think it’s the very best like a lot of people say, and i feel like people say this because they like the teen drama aspect. No hate tho i love the new season and can’t wait for more, it’s a great exploration of the dc universe, and it’s great just not the best

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I’d disagree but it’s cool you like something else more. Almost everything dc animates is great

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I dont necessarily agree but I do understand where you’re coming from.

I feel the same about the most recent Wonder Woman movie. Sure I enjoyed it but it was a basic origin story, not the greatest thing since sliced bread like most would have you believe.

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I think what you’re picking up on is that YJ is a bit more… grounded, while those other shows are very stylized. Weirdly, I think the more stylized, less “realistic” take is often actually more human, somehow. Plus, YJ tries to juggle like seven thousand characters and so nobody ever gets as much development as everyone would like. But yeah, a particularly good example of what you’re talking about is comparing Lobo in Superman: The Animated Series and Lobo in Young Justice. S:TAS was able to make him a crazy awesome space biker and get away with it. In YJ, he’s not materially different from, say, Sportsmaster or Deathstroke. He’s just another kinda mercenary character, but from space. Like, he KIND of acts like Lobo, but he’s not funny or exciting like he is S:TAS or JL/JLU.

And don’t get me wrong, YJ is a great show and does a lot of stuff right. Not being as good as Batman: The Animated Series is like losing a fight against Lady Shiva: it’s entirely expected and impressive that you even measured up enough for losing to be noteworthy.

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haha i like that shiva reference and i get where people are coming from i still love the show, just don’t think it’s better than the ones i said, also i see what you mean about all the characters that’s a fair point

Let’s consider the facts:

Justice League Unlimited features multiple episodes about The Question.

Young Justice: Zero (so far).

The numbers don’t lie.


The thing with YJ is, it’s an ongoing storyline the whole season. BTAS, JL and JLU were primarily stand alone episodes, so it focused on a single villain. This let the villains shine more. YJ is more about the team this season than the bad guys. They are almost reintroducing they YJ Universe again. So there’s more storytelling. I think the second half of the season will bring the villains more into focus than what we’ve had so far. Just the preview shows the villains are more prevalent.

I think part of the difference is that he writers need time to adapt to their new limitations (and production budget). You can clearly see from the animation that the animation budget is much smaller, so the events can’t be too crazy with the action scenes.

Their new freedom in a streaming service can also be tricky to use properly as, sometimes, the limitations are what forces writers to be creative with portraying emotions and events, e.g. whenever violet gets killed. Additionally, the explicit nature of the presentation can take away from the effect of imagination when things happen off screen. The writers just have a lot of adjusting to do with the new medium.

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csidet but jlu does have a continuous storyline and YJ has episodes that feature 1 time villains like despero and lobo as well

When does new episodes air?

@mykchal.alexander.44685, YJ:O will be back in June :slight_smile: