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Can they please bring back Wally west in young Justice outsiders

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I’m pretty sure that they will leave it open for that. They might tease it through the season, but my thoughts are that this will be a cliffhanger for the 4th season. They have alot of storylines they just opened up. They are going to tie of those loose ends first before they get into speedforce/flash lore.


I agree with One-Eyed-Wilson

We are now in New Genesis, Apokolips, League of Shadows & Batman & the Outsiders territory & that’s just so far meaning 6 eps. We also have Oracle which could go in any number of directions storyline wise. Talia & Damian, Redhood possible arcs. Buckle in & get ready for an incredible season.

Ya I think they will I mean it is a superhero show and they usually don’t stay dead for long

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