Young Justice Episode 17

What did everyone think about the latest episode? I was a bit annoyed that they named the team “Outsiders” instead of “Teen Titans”, but I guess it makes sense anyways. I’m really curious about what the other teams are doing with the Batcave meetings.

Same! I thought when they said Dick is leader of a team again (I think it was when they went to Infinity Island), that would be the Outsiders team, or maybe the ‘Batcave team’ would be the Outsiders. The new home of the new Outsiders also looks like the Titans Tower.

I feel like the first half of the season was more dark and just very different from this second half. I liked Dick’s team more and all of a sudden he doesn’t have a team anymore, lol. I am also very curious and excited to see more of the Batcave meetings and what they are planning.

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