Young Justice Easter Eggs

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One other thing I noticed in Season 1 was when Superboy went against Project Match, the clone lasered the “S” onto himself, but backwards. I think that Match was supposed to be a reference of Bizarro.

Another thing I found out was with the runaway group from Season 2: Virgil, Ed, Tye, Asami/Sam. The latter 3 had counterparts in “Super Friends” that were created for the show to increase diversity. The latter 2 had counter-parts in both “Super Friends” and in “Justice League Unlimited”.

In “Super Friends”, there was a character created called Samurai, whose powers mostly involved manipulating wind, and in JLU, there was a group called the Ultimen, with a character who could manipulate wind. His name: Wind Dragon. Sam is supposed to be based off of Samurai, except she uses Chi over wind.

Tye Longshadow is based off of Apache Chief in “Super Friends.” However, his power involved himself becoming giant. This was the same as the Ultimen character Long Shadow in the JLU series.

Ed Dorado is based off of El Dorado in “Super Friends”, who had a variety of powers. Teleportation was one of them.

Static did not exist in “Super Friends”, but a character with similar powers was created: Black Vulcan. Similar to Static and Black Lightning, Black Vulcan had powers of electricity manipulation. Black Vulcan also had an Ultimen Counterpart in JLU called Juice.

I put this up a bunch but Lex Luthor uses the phrase Broken Arrow to mind control Roy Harper. Broken Arrow was the nickname the Navajo reservation Indians gave him, due to his condition of drug abuse & name changes. Luthor also use Red Son to control Superboy. Which is a reference for the 3 issue Elseworlds mini series.

Where’s Joshua? lol I think those count. I caught the nuclear family stickerson on Titans he might be sore about it

What’s with dc and making so many black characters have electricity powers? Lmfao kinda funny


It is kind of random, never thought about it til u mentioned it. Dwayne McDuffie, Denys Cowan, Derek Dingle & Michael, I believe Davis is last name ( I can’t check cuz I’ll have to exit thread phone is drained completely) created Milestone comics. They wanted a company that represented Black Superheroes in a positive way. They grew up big comic fans & noticed most Black characters in comics were background characters & depicted very racially charged, They wanted comics which fairly represented the Black comic loving society. DC gave them the go ahead & they created Static Shock (amongst others but for the purpose of your topic he’s the 1 with shock powers they created) they put out comics & were selling great. Then they had a falling out with DC b/c they put out a static comic with the cover depicting him ready to fornicate with his gf & a pack of unopened condoms on the table near them. Milestone wanted to represent what was happening in their world, as far as teenage pregnancies in their communities. DC banned it & they split ways. Then DC made amends & McDuffie got the news that they green lighted Static Shock the animated series. He died shortly after from a heart condition & failed corrective surgery. The others at Milestone ( many his childhood friends) were devastated & it led to the crumbling of one of the most successful all black comic co. offshoots ever at the time. I posted this from memory, & knowledge gained from watching Robert Kirkmans secret history of comics. I’d highly, very highly, recommend watching that series if u ever get the chance its spectacular.