Young Justice character questions

In the Young Justice: Invasion episode The Runways we meet four teenagers Virgil Hawkins, Asami “Sam” Koizumi, Ed Dorado, and Tye Longshadow. We know what happened to Virgil and Ed, but does anyone know what happen to Asami and Tye? Any insight would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

This question has been on my mind for the past couple of episodes.

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I believe blue beetle said they weren’t up for the “hero thing” and retired back to their families and civilian lives. Though I imagine Tie is better able to defend his momma from abusive boyfriends!


I was curious about Asami myself. She was one of my favorite outsiders in YJ season 2. All the characters in that season were based on old SuperFriends characters. Tye was obviously Apache Chief, El dorado was El Dorado lol, I’d have to look up the rest. I shouldn’t say all. I mean the ones that who weren’t regulars. Static Shock etc were just themselves. I read it somewhere when that season was airing, but can’t remember where. It listed all the ones who were spin offs, if you’ll pardon the term, of old SF characters. Then obviously in JL unlimited they did it again with Tye & other characters.