YOUNG JUSTICE Calderon's sexuality

Since when has he been gay or bisexual ?!


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They made him gay right before they did the new 52 the character wasn’t around long . They just brought him back in the books and made him gay.

I’m glad that we are seeing more representation in DC media lately. The CW shows do it the best. We are all human no matter what race, gender, or sexual preference we have.


Even tho I have endless gay, bi and trans friends that one threw me for a loop.

I had to go back and see if he was kissing a girl or a boy because I do remember long black hair and a pretty face but that’s about it.

Aquaman is strikingly gorgeous so he deserves a partner who is beautiful.

Tho I kind of wished he was bi because I like the growing chemistry between him and his new aqua-gal pal.


I’m good with it, he’s gay in the Rebirth comics. Or Jackson Hyde is. I do think there’s too much focus on relationship drama in the show (not this one, it look three seconds of screentime) but this season has bigger problems

I wish he was bi bc I want to see a relationship with the new meta-teen


In my opinion I think he might end up being with the Mets girl or they might become bro and sis.Just cause the chemistry is there, and it is obvious fr also him and his new bf is a bad thing. Cause of the fact I think Waller knows about it, and is using it over him …remember she told him if you expose me I’ll expose your lil play group and he got shooked ( and then said we all have secrets to keep). I mean idc that he is with this dude but idk who this dude is besides being in the comic and on the bad side and was also a purist (from the comics) sooo I don’t trust him and also how does Waller know about his relationship before anyone else I think he using kaldur in my opinion and the meta girl did say he isn’t happy and he really was about to lie again like how many times do you have to lie like are you happy kaldur or are you not…idk how I feel about this relationship cause I DO NOT TRUST WYYNDE… like who are youuuuu where did you come from how y’all meet how did this start do not give me a glimpse and not explain anything cause I swear imma be heated if they don’t :triumph::triumph::triumph::face_with_symbols_over_mouth::face_with_symbols_over_mouth: