Young Justice-Best Season

I am just starting to watch all three seasons of Young Justice in preparation for the 2nd have of Season 3. Which of the three do like the most and why? Anything I should look out for, know going in or avoid? Any episodes you thought-Yeah, that’s the one. Just trying to set expectations going in as I am only vaguely familiar with the series. Thanks in advance.

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second half…idiot. Suggestion, how about editing tools so I can correct stupid errors after I post…

I would say season 2 is my favorite so far, but season 3 is slowing becoming a strong contender for my favorite. This isn’t to say the first season is bad. I think the later seasons build on what the first set up and season after season it just continues to get better and better.

I liked the original season the most, all of the nostalgia and what not. Dick was my favorite in all of the seasons.

Far and away season two is my favorite. It expanded upon everything while adding a great many things (plot elements, characters, settings, etc) too.

Season 2 was confusing (I was 13) because of all of the plot twists.

Season One.

I can’t give reasons without spoilers. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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I was older than 13 when season two aired so I guess “experience” was on my side :slight_smile:

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