Young Justice 2019

why can’t they make the episodes of Young Justice hour long now that they aren’t tied to Cartoon Network

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An hour long? Why?

Also, that would make the production time longer, hence you’d have to wait longer for it to be released.

I think the half hour format is fine. The fact that we got a third season thanks to this service is fantastic.


I just wish the third season was better. I feel like not that much happened and the focus was often on the wrong things. I don’t like the new people remotely as much as I like the original cast. It’s okay to try new things, so long as they learn from their mistakes next season.


On that I will completely agree with you! I felt the second half of the season wasn’t as good as the first. Gar’s Outsiders team wasn’t interesting and a lot of the dialogue wasn’t executed well.


Animation is REALLY HARD, time consuming, and expensive. Artists are regularly put into crunch time in order to release content. To expect them to make 26 hour-long episodes doesn’t make much sense, and could be pretty cruel. I’m just happy we’re getting new Young Justice content at all. I mean, even with the 30 minute long episodes, it’s still 13 HOURS worth of content!


yea i know but look at it this way if they do hour long episodes every week then it would be the same amount of time as 2 episodes

… right… That’s my point! That’s a lot of work, hours, money, and energy. Not to mention the amount of extra time just to write 26 hour-long episodes.


The DC Animated film are about 1:15-1:20 in length. That is a lot of animation. While animation generally isn’t as pricy as live action (15-20million for 26 half hour episodes) that still ain’t cheap. I also think people mostly expect cartoons to run in that 1/2 hour format. A consideration when trying to sell the show internationally, and that’s important. Shows that aren’t getting picked up internationally are not very likely to get another season. (Yes Swamp Thing was finally picked up by about a month ago. Long after it ended and was cancelled. So I’d bet they got it for less than what WB first offered it at when trying to sell it internationally.)

Keeping a format that fits into an international model makes economic sense.

If you are talking 26 hour episodes, that won’t happen. It doubles the cost of production and that likely would make the show unprofitable.

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