Young Justice "16 Watch"

Hi everyone! I’m Josh (duh it says so on my username) and I do the weekly Easter egg write-ups for the news section.

In case you didn’t know, each episode of Young Justice contains hidden (or not so hidden) references to the number 16. Sometimes it’s on a social media posting, a hotel door or a timestamp. Sometimes there is more than one.

Each week in my column I challenge the readers to play along by trying to find as many of the references as they could, in a game I call “16 Watch”, so I thought I’d start a thread where people can share their findings.

The next episode of Young Justice drops on Tuesday…how many times can you find 16? Share your results here!


I’ll have to keep my eyes peeled

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Latest episode is out…how did everyone do?

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I’ll have to do 2 viewings now. One just watching & then one to dissect it. I do the

same thing with the number #23. It’s absolutely everywhere in DC comics, shows

it’s crazy cuz it’s such a random # and they go out of their way to use it. It’s also

my favorite all time number. B4 MJ or LBJ, cuz my dad wore it in football & I followed

suit wearing it as my football #. Also there’s some ocd issues but let’s leave that alone

just say it’s my magic #, in ocd sufferer knows exactly what that means.

“any”. Not ,”in” typo

Ok so. Warehouse “16” in episode 24. Episode 25. 3”16” metahuman teens rescued. Population Of Germanium City aka Genomorph City 2 was 2”16”. Nevermore aka episode 26. Luthor got “1.6” million likes on Wordsworth for saying good people on both sides. In metropolis, Hollywood,& Markovburg all took place on February “16”th… Brion said Gregor Markov had his “16” minutes when phrase is obviously always 15 minutes of fame. Bibbos Diner scene took place on 16.16 EST. Also, just for me & my 23 obsession. The Watchtower scene was dated 23.23 EST. How bout the Edgar Allan Poe references. I’ll post on YJ sites with plenty more Easter eggs but the episode is named “Nevermore” my favorite Poe poem after The Telltale Heart. Then Black Lightning says” When I nodded nearly napping, Suddenly there came a tapping- A line from The Raven in which, of course, he says Quoth the Raven nevermore.

Great eye DJD!!

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Thank u kindly.