Young Justice 01-25-19 Reactions

Just a list of quick reactions from the episodes as I watch … everyone is welcome to join in

  • Batman’s team is badass, Metamorpho brings a bit of light heartedness to it that is nice to see … looks like Babs is on multiple teams much like her pre-New 52 (Hey, DC are we all agreed that New 52 was a bad idea yet?) self.
  • So Savage Daughter and Tara were roommates … I wonder if that will play into anything later.
  • Actor who sounds like Teen Titans’ Cyborg hanging out with YJ Cyborg was great, and if we hadn’t already heard YJ Cyborg over the phone, it would have been a nice switcharoo.
  • Harper Row? Seriously, I am all down for bringing Blue Jay into YJ.
  • It was nice seeing Megan with her hair again.
  • Damn, poor Gar.
  • Good to see Wally again … even as a ghost.
  • Can we get a Doom Patrol Go show now?
  • Reveal that Gar’s powers weren’t based on Ms. Martian’s blood transfusion was interesting.
  • You know, I think this has been the only time I’ve considered GeoForce to be anything even close to cool.
  • Hmmm … I suddenly don’t trust Dr. Jayce anymore.
  • Was wondering if Superbrawl would ever make it into this show
  • Poor Wolf.
  • The Fatherbox control thing is already getting old.
  • To trust or not to trust Tara
  • The friendly banter between SB and Jr. was great, the episode highlight to me.
  • Not to Trust.

Overall Thoughts:

This season, even if it is not done yet has cemented in my mind that this is the best example of a distilled DC Continuity. Yes, characters are repurposed, changed, etc from their comic forms but almost always in a way that serves to grow and expand the universe of YJ and not to just be shout-outs to longtime fans of DC Comics. In a lot of ways, YJ has gone beyond what groundwork and foundations that Dini-Verse started back in 1992.


I thought the Doom Patrol Go section of that episode was too long. Also Teen Titans Go is sad, and bringing me back to that through a show I actually enjoy was disappointing. All and All, season three isn’t bad. I like it. Sometimes it feels like the focus is all over the place, but the premise is big scale so I get it.

I’m glad to see Metamorpho and the other Outsiders, but the visual choices for Metamorpho come off a bit like Elongated Man. I would have consider another variety of visual choices. It’s still good though.

Telling more of Gar’s story was nice.