You turned this frown upside down

Hey team and fellow fans

I have posted twice before about my discontent with philosophy on how DC is rolling out comics… or in my opinion lack of them rolling out comics. Well with the recent announcement on rolling all comics out 12 months post publication I could not be happier. While I am sure they will have no end of other things to work on I wanted to say how happy I am in this change. I signed up and payed before the service went live as a way of showing support. I swore that I would wait out the first year and give you time to work out the kinks. As it stands now it looks like you will have me as a customer for life. With any luck my unborn daughter will be reading comics with me in a few years. Let’s hope she does not get a crush on Dick Grayson like all the other girls.

Seriously thanks for the change in digital publishing philosophy.

Respectfully, (A fan since the FIRST crisis)


I read the news last night and like a child, it was the first thing I thought about this morning.