You think a Suicide Squad Animated series would be cool?

So I was watching Suicide Squad Hell To Pay for the first time and I liked it and I was wondering do you think it would be cool if DCUniverse did a Suicide Squad Animated Series? After watching Hell To Pay I saw a lot of potential story wise in something like that. They can even switch out characters each season. I feel like it could have a small number of episodes a season and each season is a new mission with a new team but each mission they have to go about things differently. So it keeps the idea of the suicide squad but also keeps it fresh that each season isn’t the same thing.


That would be bloody cool. Especially if they made references to other versions of the Squad.


Yea it would be cool.


I definitely think it could work. Only potential problem I see is that villain comics don’t seem to last long. You’d have to give it some sort of positive protagonist or at least anti-heroes. Delicate balance, but some runs of the comics have made it work with the team.

I think the Suicide Squad storytelling works better as a single flow rather than 20-25min episode form.

I think it would be smart on DC Animation to plan to release a new Squad feature every 24 months or so. Leave folks wanting more.

Villain books/series having a historically short shelf lives is a very accurate statement.

Oh yes! Make it TV-14 or MA to show the crap that hits the squad’s fan and lock in some solid writers and voice actors and DCU would be looking at its next animated blockbuster.