You run the new dc movies what are you going to do

So you run the current state of dc movies you don’t have to reboot or you can full reboot it’s up to you which charecters are showing up in chapter one which characters will never show up is your universe animated is your universe based on the comics is your universe based on the titans does your dc go so far in the past it starts with the gods or the jsa your dc can be so long it can go up to the legion of superheros timeline it’s up to you! :00_dc_2016: :00_dc_2012: :00_dc_2005: :00_dc_1974: :00_dc_1972: :00_dc_1949: :00_dc_1942: :00_dc_1940:


No continuity.


Ok. First of all, I would use “The Flash” to do a full reset. Start from scratch. Another important note is that while I personally like darker stuff like Swamp Thing, it is important to distinguish right away that the tone is much brighter and more optimistic than what we had with the Snyder films. Now, here is what I would generally have for Chapter One:

-Man of Tomorrow (Superman movie)

-Wonder Woman; Ambassador of Truth

-Green Lanterns (this will focus on Simon Baz & Jessica Cruz)

-The Brave & The Bold (This is a Batman & Robin movie, but we will focus on Dick Grayson for this version)

-Zatanna (This would be a soft gateway to introducing more darker characters and corners of the DCU for future chapters)


R rated solo projects with a Vertigo/Black Label feel to them.

  1. Deathstroke
  2. Question
  3. Spectre
  4. Jonah Hex
  5. Silencer

Little preview on my Question project.

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I’d go full bore into animation. Live action is overrated; DC deserves beautiful, lavish, highly kinetic animated features.


Only if they use the same type of animation they use for their video game trailers. :fire:

Not thinking big enough. It could look better than simple 3D model rigging. Something like Spiderverse, or Batman Ninja.

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Haven’t seen any of those films so i can’t judge. :person_shrugging:

I agree animated stuff has always been there best

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While I don’t agree that LA is overrated, I absolutely agree that the big screen is deserving of many more big budget, lavish and uniquely exotic animated DC movies.

Even when expensive, they’re still far cheaper than live-action efforts.

Plus, they also serve as excellent animation showcases that can remind those ignorant of animation that the art form has more to it than talking animals and played-out pop culture references said by actors who are only voicing a character for the check behind the gig.

Finally, comic concepts adapt to animation easier than live-action. No “black leather” schtuff is needed when it comes to animation.

If Don Bluth should ever want to do another animated epic, WB Animation should open its doors to him and let him do whatever he wants (I vote for an adaptation of The Terrifics).

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