You’re in Charge of Creating a New DC Continuity Separate from the Main Continuity How Would You Do It?

It would be similar to Marvel’s Ultimate series or DC’s Earth One. You can choose to have as many titles as you want that would fall under your universe brand or you can go the Injustice way and have one singular title. You can make it as Elseworlds as you want or as close to the main continuity as you want. You have full control over every aspect of the universe.


I would just do a Golden Age Earth, where even Superman and Batman’s careers began in the 1930s. In fact, all the heroes would have first appeared when they were historically first published. It would have the following titles:
All-Star Comics (starring the JSA)
Golden Age Superman
Golden Age Batman
Golden Age Wonder Woman
Alan Scott: Green Lantern
Seven Soldiers of Victory


No events.


All right, here’s the main difference: it’s an imprint where every character ages in real time. No reboots, no resets. The differences won’t be drastic immediately, but within 5 years, you’re going to see young heroes significantly aged, major heroes retiring in 20, and so on.


Would you also redo iconic storylines like the death of Red hood? Or would it be completely unique?


I would do a very grounded world with no alternate universes or world ending threats,

Would like to have characters like Batman, the Question, Jason Blood and Black Canary.

Might also make it Black and white just cause it looks cool and my books would definitively be film noir inspired.


Also I would like to streamline the Robins to just Dick Grayson, Jason Todd, Stephanie Brown, and Carrie Kelly

Would also make sure there’s only 4-5 batfamily members in gotham at one time, it’s hard for enemies to seem like real threats if there’s a army of bat people in gotham all the time.


many ways to simplify continuity and to have minimum continuity similar to tv shows and movies. For superman tv shows and movies, there are usually some common elements like clark kent is always a reporter in spite of all of the many tv reboots. The main change has been jonathan and martha kent are alive in the lois and clark tv show which followed the john byrne 1980s reboot. For Batman’s sidekicks, the minimum would be just Dick Grayson as Robin, and add more sidekicks later on as desired. For Flash, New 52 reboot went with just Barry Allen. Another option for flash would be to go with Jay Garrick and add more flashes later on as desired (this would be more in agreement with real comics history). For Justice League, can start with Justice League or start with Justice Society (but have superman as the first modern hero like in real comics history). Starting with justice league is much simpler which was done with the new 52 reboot. Following real comics history like justice society starts → justice society disbands → justice league starts is a bit more complicated. Better to avoid multiverse as much as possible. For example, can have crime syndicate originate on the default earth.


My parents are still alive.


So in your new continuity you’re just a rich useless playboy. I wouldn’t buy that comic, but I’d definitely live the life!


In my alternate universe the creators would own their creations and get paid a living wage. The Dark Knight Returns never happened so we don’t have grim and gritty Bat-God.

Am I doing this right?


I am Batman with Batdad and Batmom.

I get to fight crime with my daddy.


I thought you died and Batmom went nuts and became Jokermom. :thinking:


Not in this world. We are a happy family and all alive.


So, you’re the Incredibles.


Better, we have cute animal sidekicks.




I’ve done something similar to Marvel, so I can say that I go for the dramatic differences. For example, Kate Kane would start the vigilante lifestyle first and Clark Kent would be more violent before realizing that’s not the way to go. In fact, here’s a LIST!!!

  1. Kate Kane would become Batwoman before Bruce dons his own cape and cowl, with her military training making her more by-the-book. Plus, Renee Montoya would take the B:TAS Harvey Bullock-like role of hunting Batwoman

  2. Clark Kent would start his time as Superman in a darker suit acting more brutal before he realizes that it’s not him and he becomes more like the Boy Scout we know and love. Unless you’re Luthor.

  3. Flash would have a strange condition that makes it so he can’t ever stop moving, so he gets help from Cisco Ramone, Caitlin Snow, and… Dr. Silas Stone. You thought I was gonna say Harrison Wells, huh?

  4. Wonder Woman would be bisexual or a lesbian. It makes sense, okay? She’s hundreds of years old and from an island of only women. Diana would also be a bit more soldier-like since that’s how she was taught.

  5. John Constantine would be a con-man in Gotham, leading to conflict with Batman.

  6. Xanthe would be a magic peddler throughout the east coast, though they would have something of a moral code.

  7. Cyborg would slowly lose his humanity as time passes.

  8. Amanda Waller would become President and form the OG Justice League, with Task Force X as an illegal back-up

  9. Dr. Harleen Quinnzel, while still a little nuts, would not get pulled into Joker’s madness and instead would deduce Batwoman’s identity and a duo of Harley and Ivy (Who would have gained her powers as a teen) would serve as her Oracle, so to speak.

  10. Commissioner James Gordon would make the Bat-Signal, but years before he actually appeared, Batwoman would ask him to say there’s a Batman, since it would subvert expectations and give Kate the upper hand right off the bat (Pun intended).

  11. Joker would be even more random, killing a dog one second and helping an old woman cross the road the next. He also would, in a story meant to introduce him for example, have multiple origin stories that are shown at once, as if to say maybe one is true or maybe none of them are true.

  12. Dream of The Endless would spend most of his time in Gotham when not in the Dreaming since he would be intrigued by the idea of Batman and Batwoman and both of them being living nightmares.

  13. the first Robin would be Dick Greyson, followed by Carrie Kelly and then Tim Drake. Jason Todd, meanwhile, would be Batwoman’s Robin. The idea is that since she’s a former soldier, she would understand the idea of killing criminals like Joker or Two-Face, so when Jason comes back as Red Hood, it eats her up inside even more. Part of Kate would know that Jason is absolutely right, but it’s still murder.

  14. Batman and Batwoman would work together to make the contingence plans and in-case either Bat goes rogue, Kate trusts AMANDA WALLER with the controls to the Failsafe android.

  15. Reverse Flash would, yes, still want to ■■■■ with Flash, but he’d be more sympathetic.

  16. The Justice League would most likely have a special division that is off the books to deal with missions that Waller can’t know about or may be border-line illegal.

That’s just SOME of my ideas. Any questions?


I’d also have it that Grail has been pretending to be Darkseid for reason the Justice League didn’t know.

If anyone has any questions, just shoot… Omega beams. Bad joke, but still.



Will do



Gotham has permanently turned into a slowly expanding No Man’s Land and several key bat members are vampires. Vampire Batman, vampire Cassandra Wayne Batgirl, vampire Red Hood. Batman and Batgirl don’t drink blood ever but Red Hood will in occasion.

Bludhaven and parts of Metropolis would eventually be included in NML. This leaves Superman to deal with a Berlin style dividing wall in the middle of his city. Lawless destruction on one side and gleaming utopia on the other. He might create a new alias so he can have a human life in both sides or maybe Clark “sneaks” into the NML to report. Certain members of his supporting cast wind up on opposite sides of the wall. Supergirl in West Metropolis and Jimmy in East, Lois in West but always trying to sneak East, Perry in the West. Steel is somewhere near the border and is strongly trying to take down the wall. Maybe he even fights Superman over it.

Wonder Woman is with the JLA which dealing with the sudden increase in vampire spillover from NML. They leave Superman and Batman to fix it while they contain it.

The Question is questioning.

Harold Alnut exists.

I have more but I’ll leave it there. I’ve always wanted to make a NML video game and this is where I would take it if it did well.


I’d drop the most of not all of the crisis and make a single timeline where not much is different except time passes. No retcons. People generally stay dead (exceptions for Red Hood, Superman, Doomsday, Ra’s, etc).