You Know What Really Grinds My First World Gears?

So, in my list of things to complain about that make me come off as someone who has too few real problems to complain about… . But I really hate getting Trade Paperbacks, that have a collection of issues, but don’t put in the separators between issues. Or remove the covers from each of the issues. It makes is so hard to delineate between issues, and plus it removes the awesome covers from the book! Some stash all of the covers at the back of the trade, but it’s not the same thing… Plus, you can’t even mentally separate the issues. Seeing the covers actually in the pages with the issues is vastly superior. Opinions.



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I wish they’d keep the ads and the letter columns


Trades that used to not include covers at all (purely for cost cutting from what I’ve read) used to mash my taters something fierce.


Oh yea My apologies everyone…I completely left out the statement that you too should share your first world problems in comic books that grind your gears! Not story elements or things in the comics…but things ABOUT the comics themselves… The “meta gear grinding” if you will. The more First World problemy the better :stuck_out_tongue:

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The one thing that aggravates me about trades is vol 1 will have Issues 1-6 , vol 2 will have Issues 7-9 and 11, 12 and annual 1. Why not just include Issue 10 also, if it isn’t part of the story just include it after the main store. As a trade buyer this means I either have to buy the deluxe edition such as they’ve done with some Rebirth titles or track down single issues. And I buy trades because I’m not into buying single issues anymore unless it’s something like Action or Detective Comics 1000.

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Yes, about missing issue…so maybe artist/writer needed a break… or missed a deadline…i am always wondering what happen d with missing issue.

Another gripe is front cover art not matching inside art. Please pick same style!! Some artist are skilled and can match the inside art, use them. I’ve seen smooth, lovely soft colorful art and inside it is rough and graphic done in just black and red. Or super realistic and cartoony inside and vice versa. Or not matching the story at all!

Seems like Batman is depicted always on top of a gargoyle, or flying around Gothan, yet inside he at the watchtower. LOL. No excuse with internet…contact artist and get sample of art inside, or writer for plot.

@Harley333. Yes keep ads. Love reading old comics and seeing ads for weird things 20 years ago.

Issues where the member’s a decimal, so it’ll be like Sugar & Spike #105.3, or Slam Bradly #17.2, or even worse when it’s a tie in to something so they use the initials, like Challengers of the Unknown #1090.CoIE… those really get my goat.

And that’s a bad thing. This happens so often I am out of goats. I am currently in goat debt over issues like these.